Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I don't think my stomach likes iced mocha frappe's anymore. :( could be stress too. Plus, I guess I could really do without the 550 cals I just drank away. :(

BUT on a side note, I love the fact that I look forward to my zumba every day after work, yay! But I def need to include more weights, but it's always so busy! Guess I should use the ones at home then.

Also, Cat/Robyn, I would love to do zumba with you guys on a Sat sometime, let me know!



  1. We go to the Olympic skating rink on Saturdays. It starts at 9 AM. I have a free pass I can give you at support group. We are also goign tonight (same place) it starts at 6 PM.

  2. I got Tuesday & Thursday at 6pm. I also go on Saturday at 9am. it's a great sweat fest. Cannot wait to see you!!

  3. Yes, I love it! I go Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun at the Y. I'll have to figure out a day to come, probably on a Sat.

  4. It probably is good that you're stomach isn't agreeing with those drinks. Maybe it's the sugar that's upsetting your stomach. I got used to not having much sugar so if I do, it doesn't really agree with me.