Sunday, November 27, 2011

A new day.

Can't sleep. This surgery has my sleeping patterns all messed up.

I did much better with the protein today, was able to get in 78 grams. Not as much water as I wanted, but about 6 cups.

Is it normal to feel insanely bloated and full after only about 2-3 oz. of liquid? It's driving me nuts. It takes forever to get 8 oz. down, even water. But I'm doing it, guess that's all that matters. Steady and slow, this isn't a race. :)

I just can't wait till about 7-8 more days so I can have eggs, oatmeal yummy mushies. :)

That's all for mow, back to my movie watching.



  1. Hope you have great movies to watch!

  2. You're doing great with the protein. It will all be worth it !

  3. Yeah that's normal. Your stomach is still healing.

  4. Yes, it is normal to feel that way after a small amount of food. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!
    Yup, eggs were all I could think about..... It will be over before you know it.