Monday, December 31, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day by day

I've been having a rough go at it lately. Mentally, I am just not okay for a few weeks now, maybe more...

I've been stuck between 205.6-209.4 (yes, I know the specifics) for about a month now. I know why, I know how to fix it, but I haven't and I hate myself for it. But I also know not to completely put myself down, because I am still exercising almost every single day. I started the Couch 2 5K program 3 weeks ago, I plan on doing Week 3, Day 2 tonight after weights/zumba. I still do zumba like 4-5 days a week, just depends. I need to get back into strength training more reguarly, I got off that bandwagon and that's not okay either. I truly haven't weight lifted in about a month...

I've changed up my routine, I'm still measuring, weighing, eating protein first, still constantly working on not drinking water while eating (I do pretty good), portions are decent. But I have been on a sweets binge, it wasn't so bad until about 2 weeks ago, for no reason, I just lost the will or motivation to say no. I did really bad the past week, and I had all intentions of doing better today, but not so far. We had a catered homemade lunch (turkey, mashed, veggies, salad, rolls, etc). I did fine, but had 3 cookies and a diet coke. That's the other thing, freakin' diet soda! I never had an issue with NOT having it before, so now that I started drinking it again, I want to stop this nonsense. I then came back to my department after lunch and proceeded to have 6-8 pieces of Whitman's chocolate (caramels, toffee, etc). I feel awful, mentally and physically. I'm struggling and it's not okay...

I often feel like I do worse at work, it must be the stress of it, b/c I tend to not eat sweets at home, probably because I don't buy them. I really want this, I want to get the next 60-65 lbs. off, I really do, I want it, I NEED it. I want to have babies in about 2-3 years, I want to look awesome in my wedding dress in 10 months. I need to get this stress/sweets eating under control and fast.

 PS - sorry for all the other posts, the giveaway ones, but I LOVE entering giveaways and it worked! I won a Julep nail polish and nail glitter. :) Woo!

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight last week: 207.4
Weight Today: 205.6
Weight loss this Week: - 1.8 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 65.9 lbs
Yay! Wasn't quite sure how this week was going pan out, but I'm pretty stoked about this loss! 
I started the Couch 2 5K last Sunday and finished Week 1 on Thursday evening, felt pretty damn good. Starting Week 2, Day 1 in the next few hours here. I am scheduled to work at Bath & Body Works tonight with a call in shift from 5-8 and a shift from 8-12a. Can't wait! Hope the displays are cool and fun. :)
I'm still SOOOOOO close to 199 I can taste it, I am so excited to get there. I WILL throw a party of some sort, or buy myself something lol. 
Started Christmas shopping yesterday, since I worked Black Friday. We got quite a bit done, but still need most of his family and some of mine. And I still need to send out Christmas cards too. 
I started watching "Once Upon a Time" (ABC show) on Netflix last week or maybe a week 1/2 ago and I just finished Season 1 last night, I am OBSESSED with this show. Apparently Season 2 just ended a week or so ago, so I'm tying to find it free online, still working on that. I MUST watch. :P
Not much else going on, dealing with a rash, it seems to be going away, we'll see. I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday with my regular Doc, so hopefully no dermatologist is needed right now unless it comes back. I got a steroid injection and that seems to have worked. And I was taking Benadryl for the intense itching to help at work and with sleeping. 
Working M-F this week, I have some training on Wednesday, volunteering Wednesday evening as usual (missed last week due to rash), seeing a friend tomorrow for lunch with some other people at the Pizza Grille, yum!, we're getting a catered lunch on Thursday from a law firm and Friday is our Holiday Luncheon (free catered lunch, games, prizes, giveaways, bingo, music, cookie exchange - which I am heading up) and an early dismissal at 3pm. Can't wait! 
And I'm turning 28 in about a week and a half on the 18th. Ahh! One year closer to being 30, which I am dreading. And it will be 2013 before I know it and wedding planning will be in crazy full effect. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight last week: 208.2
Weight Today: 207.4
Weight loss this Week: - .8
Weight Loss Total: 64.1 lbs

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Been trying for over a week now...

To write a new/thought provoking post, so here goes:

Weight last week: 208.2
Weight Today: 208.2
Weight loss this Week: - 0
Weight Loss Total: 63.3 lbs
Lost nothing this past Sunday, but that's okay, I'll move on and keep pushing and learning and fighting.
Well, my 1 year surgiversary is tomorrow, November 22nd, Thanksgiving. Kind of fitting with it being a holiday that is centered around a table filled with TONS of food. But this year, for me, it's not about that at all. I'm going to eat my portion and move on. Spend time with family and relax. We normally go to my fiance's family's house too around 4-5pm, but I won't be going this year, I'm going home to nap. I am working black friday this year from 11:45pm to 7:45am, it should be interesting and hella busy! Come visit me at Capital City/Bath & Body Works, good luck finding me! haha.
This journey has been amazing, truly. All the good, the bad, the ugly, etc. I've learning soooo much about myself, my relationships, my entire life (past/present/future). I've lost, I've gained, I've maintained. I'm thankful, appreciative and wonderous all at the same time. I'm down 59 lbs. since surgery and 75 lbs. total since the beginning of the process last March. I couldn't be happier, yes, I have my moments where I feel like I could be losing more and I know I could be, but I'm still fighting, I've never given up and I don't plan on it.
I love who I have become, I'm still the same person I've always been (silly, thoughtful, loving, immature, deep, crazy, funny, weird, creative), just better and more refined. At least I think so. I don't put up with bullshit anymore, in any aspect of life. I take one day at a time, life is WAY too short and I don't take it too seriously anymore either. I want to live, breathe and smile/laugh every day, no matter what is going on. I refuse to be negative like I used to be about everything and do NOTHING about it. That's not me anymore, I have changed, but I think for the better. I care more, I love more, I listen more, I just feel better, mentally, physically and psychologically. I have tons more ways I can improve and I will continue to work on those areas, but I am very happy with where I'm at.
The last year has been absolutely amazing in so many ways, I like to do things chronologically:
November 22, 2011: Lap band surgery
December 18, 2011: Turned 27
December 24, 2011: Spent time with family
December 25, 2011: Christmas, more family time and I got ENGAGED!
Kept losing lots of weight, giving clothes away, buying more clothes, giving shoes away, buying more shoes, thrift shopping, and living life.
Feb 2012: Started freelancing for Perry Co. Times/Duncannon Record
Feb 2012: Adopted an adorable Chihuahua puppy we named Beemo. Unfortunately, had to give him up do to being allergic to his saliva. :( However, a friend of ours was willing to adopt him from us and we still get to see his cute little butt every now and then. :)
March 24, 2012: Participated in a 3 hour Zumbathon to raise money for the local YMCA's and LOVED it. I'm so beyond hooked and I won like 5 gift baskets, yay! (only took like 3 mini breaks)
April 22, 2012: Did a 3 mile MS Walk for my sis-in-law Lex who has MS and all others who are afflicted by this disease. Walked with friends/family. :)
May 5, 2012: My fiance and I did the Diamond Dash in downtown Harrisburg (my 2nd time, his 1st). I did much better this year, with about 50 less lbs. on me, but still not that great. I hope to continue doing these.
May 17, 2012: My fiance and I's anniversary of 7 years being official. <3
June 2, 2012: Moved into a new apartment with the help of friends/family. It's bigger and we love it.
August 22, 2012: Started volunteering with the Y's child watch program on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30, this gets me a free membership to the Y (which I LOVE).
August 2012 - Stopped freelancing for the paper. Was offered a full time reporter position, but unfortunately, couldn't accept as they couldn't pay me enough (it would be a 40 min drive each way).
September 2012 - Started working part time at Bath & Body Works and I love it so far. I usually just do floorsets (setting up the displays) on Sunday evenings from 5pm to midnight. And occassionally other days, when they need me. I also volunteered to work black friday from 12-8ish, so we'll see how this goes! :D
Throughout all of this, I attended about 7 or 8 bridal shows (won a sitting/portrait, a verizon bluetooth headset, and a $300 cupcake tower for our wedding, yay!). I gained buttloads of confidence, which I just love. I made some awesome new friends and connected with some old ones. I've reflected, cried, smiled, laughed, screamed, been sick,  loved, lost, etc. I'm just very thankful.
I recently had a fill on October 17th of .5 cc's. I was at 5 cc's, so that put me at 5.5 cc's total. Within a week or two after that fill, I was pb'ing almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I was just not feeling right, but kept telling myself it would get better with time. I was so busy too, I didn't have the "time" to schedule an unfill. Wrong mental process. After much debate with myself, the last straw was this past Tuesday, when I got sick at lunch over mashed potatoes/meatloaf (which I've had many times). It was pretty instant, I know I chewed very well and I only had about 2 small bites of the meatloaf before the saliva started filling my mouth. Ick! I hate it, every damn time! Then I got the terrible stuck feelings and pains, then the pb'ing started. Ugh! I felt awful the rest of the day, ended up going home and sleeping from about 5:30-10:30. :( Then I ate a little something and couldn't sleep til about 1am. I schedule an unfill asap. I got in at 8:45am yesterday morning with Dr. Prashar (hello hottie!). He took out .25 cc's, yay! I hope it's good for now. The true test will be tomorrow probably with the turkey. Not sure what's for dinner tonight as I am volunteering, I'm thinking some Wendy's chili, not sure yet.
Beginning weight/pant size/shirt size/bra/shoe: 286/24-26/XXL's-some 3X's/42/44DD/10-11
Surgery day weight: 269.8/24's/XXL's/40-42DD/10
Yesterday's weight: 209.8 (at the Dr's)/18's/L-XL/36-38D/9 1/2
Craziness! And some of my 18's are now becoming lose, yay! I'm so ready to be under 200, I'm going to keep fighting. We are getting a treadmill this Sunday from an aquaintence of mine, it's an older fold up model with incline and still works for $100, so my mom and I are going to get that Sunday morning, yay! I can't wait to officially start the C25K program. I did W1D1 about 2-3 months ago outside and was feeling awful and haven't started it up since. I'm ready now. :)
I will try and update this a little later today or this weekend with some photos/etc.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight last week: 208.2
Weight Today: 208.2
Weight loss this Week: - 0
Weight Loss Total: 63.3 lbs
No biggie. I was fluctuating all weekend, I didn't eat the best a few days last week, so this was to be expected. But I will be back at it this week, hitting the gym Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri for sure. And I will be working extra hard this week on eating/portions/not pb'ing. 
Not much else going on, just busy, busy as usual. I had a Thirty One party today and it went rather well, and I'll still be getting more orders in the next few days. :)
Ciao for now!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight last week: 210.6
Weight Today: 208.2
Weight loss this Week: - 2.4 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 63.3 lbs

Woo hoo! Moving right along. I CANNOT wait to hit 199!! I'm so close to it and I am so excited. My short term goal is to be 199 by the end of the year. This is completely doable in 8 weeks, it's about a pound a week. With the holidays, it might be challenging, but I am very determined. 

Just got off work from my 2nd job with Bath & Body Works. I am awake yet, but headed to bed very shortly. 6:30-7am comes very quickly. Not very excited to go back to work tomorrow, but whatever. 
I got sick on the way to zumba earlier, super bad cramps and I made it to the Y and got sick in the bathroom (diarrhea). Then I got up and tried to go to zumba, but got sick again and just ended up going home. :(
Not very much else going on lately. I will be hitting up zumba/etc tomorrow after work. And again on Tuesday. Wednesday I am back to allergy injections at 4pm, then working at the Y from 530-830. And I am planning on the gym for Thursday/Friday as well. 
Well, that's all for now. Ciao!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight last week: 211.8
Weight Today: 210.6
Weight loss this Week: - 1.2 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 60.9 lbs

Woo hoo! Loving this consistent weight loss. Having some issues with the new fill, it may just be me, not sure yet. I've PB'ed about 4-5 times since getting it. Need to work on this.

So, the Northeast is in for a crazy "storm of the century" starting tonight. Woo hoo! NOT. Glad I don't have to work at Bath & Body tonight. 

Engagement photos were yesterday, it was so much fun! The weather stayed decent, other than the no sun thing. We should have 2 or 3 photos to post tonight, yay! 

That's all for now. Ciao!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight last week: 213.8
Weight Today: 211.8
Weight loss this Week: - 2 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 59.7 lbs

Woo hoo! Loving my new fill. Got a 1/2 cc, I now have 6.1 cc's in my 10 cc band. And feeling good. Can't wait to see 199 on the scale!

Not much else, just relaxing for the evening, then back to the daily grind tmrw. :(

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weigh In Day, etc.

Weight last week: 214.2
Weight Today: 213.8
Weight loss this Week: - .4 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 57.7 lbs

A small loss, but a loss nonetheless. :D I have faith in myself and my journey. I have been having some heartburn lately, 3x  in the past month, so I need to address that my lap band check up tomorrow. I hope I'm not tight, I don't think I am, b/c I have no other symptoms. I would actually like a small fill tomorrow, I'm still getting physically hungry between my main meals. We'll see. :)

Progress is progress, no matter how small.

A little bit TMI here, I'm STILL recovering from a nasty yeast infection from about 2 weeks ago. Ugh! I took a diflucan last Tuesday, it worked within 3 days, but I still have a major irritation at the top. (Ladies, you know what I mean). Then, to top this off, yesterday while at work, I started getting major period like cramps around 8am. I then went to the bathroom and found myself to be bleeding moderately. More so than my normal period. Double UGH! I pretty much had an anxiety attack, thinking the worst, miscarriage or something bad like cancer. :( But I called my gyno's office and spoke to the one nurse. Basically, she thinks it's my birth control. Just another reason I hate being on birth control, grrr! Basically, she said I need to take it every day at the EXACT same time, well, that works for like 2 % of people, I'm busy! I fall asleep, wake up and take it. It just depends. It's not consistent. I've been doing that for years and never had any issues and I've been on this BC for about 2 years, so this is weird to me. But, we'll try it every day at 10pm and see. She said I will probably have  bleeding for another few days and then it should stop. Should. Key word. Then I will more than likely get my normal scheduled period in 2 weeks. Awesome. Then I'll probably have another yeast infection. I need to get this shit figured out, I can't stand this crap.

Moving on. Wedding planning is super fun, especially when you give yourself enough time to plan it. But, I'm finding that Brian isn't too thrilled about it. Which is fine, but at the same time, I feel like he should care more. I don't know, he's super busy all the time with work, and then works at home and is grouchy. I feel alone sometimes. I know I'm busy too, I workout whenever I can, started a part time job (working only one Sunday so far, but scheduled for next Tuesday evening) and probably more with the holidays coming up and then I babysit on Wednesday evenings. But I force myself to stay positive no matter what, I have my down moments, of course, I'm not perfect and I don't want to be. I just feel like I want a bit more effort in general, not wedding planning, just affection. That's all. :/ I love him to death. <3

I think this is all for now. 


Friday, October 12, 2012

Free-for-all-Friday :D

I like a good free-for-all, because I'm pretty random with my thoughts most of the time.

1. We have our engagment session scheduled for Saturday, October 27th and I am super pumped about it. I have 2 outfits ready to go (white lace dress w/ dressy brown boots), (jeans, white cami and a grayish/brown crochet top over). Hair/makeup will be done by my friend Ashley who does our hair now. Brian has his casual outfit, just needs to get his dressy one together. We will be heading up to Millerstown in Perry (or Purry) County to shoot. Pumpkin patches, barns, trees, wildnerness, rustic, love it! Can't wait!

2. Came to the realization yesterday morning, while trying to get dressed for work; I have NO pants that fit right now. NONE. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Wow. All my 22/24's are huge (duh!), I have 2 pairs of 18's from Old Navy that I inherited (but their tight), not a huge fan of their clothes (they fit smaller). I have one pair of jeans that I'm wearing that are 20's and very comfy, but getting a bit big in the legs, etc. I literally have nothing else. I have a ton of tops, tshirts, dresses (some are getting big or already are big, but I wear them anyways). I really need to get a few more pieces of clothing. So, we will be meeting up with my mom this evening for some shopping (Kohls, etc). I hope I can find some nice pants for work. I need tights too. :/ Also, my workout pants are still loose and the one pair of grey capri ones are completely out of rotation, as they fall off when I do zumba.

3. Bored at work today, not much going on, people leaving early, I'm so ready for 3:30, so I can get to zumba.

4. I go for my lap band check up next Wednesday. I was scheduled to go about 3-4 weeks ago, but Dr. Weiger left the practice and now I have to see either Davidson (no complaining here, hehe) or his assistant from surgery. Either way, that's fine by me. But I'm super hungry ALL the time lately, and just making terrible choices. Portions are still pretty controlled, but I'm physically hungry between meals WAY too often and I'm ready for a small fill. I'm at 5.6 cc's right now in my 10 cc band, so something small should work for now. We'll see. I think I was around 226/227 last time and I'm only down to about 216/217 right now, hopefully more next week. Very frustrating.

5. Not much else going on. Officially started my 2nd job at Bath & Body Works this past Sunday, I worked 5pm-midnight. It was great, met some great people and time went by super fast. Plus, I was active the whole time, so major plus. I'm not scheduled anymore this month yet, hoping I get something soon.

6. Still babysitting at the Y on Wednesday evenings, 5:30-8:30. I LOVE it. I love kids, even the bad ones. hehe. Makes me want some of my own even more.

Not much else going on. Back to work.

Ciao for now!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 217
Weight Today: 214.2
Weight loss this Week: - 2.2 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 57.3 lbs
Well, that is a total relief, since I had gained about 3 lbs in the past 2-3 weeks. I worked my ass of last week and I made it work! 
I start my new job at Bath and Body Works tonight from 5pm-midnight. I'll be doing displays, hoping all goes well tonight. :) And I'll be keeping active, major plus!
Not much else going on, planning on going to support group tomorrow evening. :)
Ciao, for now!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 215.8
Weight Today: 216.2
Weight loss this Week: +.2 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 54.9 lbs

How frustrating! But I expected it. Taking responsibility in this whole process feels good. It's been a hard few weeks. I've been feeling not really like myself lately. Been overeating, drinking soda, eating fattening/sugary foods and going over calories quite often, even with working out. :( I have been really hating myself the whole time too, chewing the skin around my nails, picking, very anxiety ridden. Ugh. I even saw 220 at one point, so unacceptable!

Started my part time job at Bath & Body Works tonight, had a 2 1/2 hour orientation. Met some very nice ladies and had a general good time, got some nice free products too. :D Can't wait to start.

Not much else going on, still babysitting at the Y on Wednesdays and loving it. Planning on hitting the gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (before babysitting), Thursday and Friday, I'm sure one/two of those days something will come up. 

And def. going to be working every day on eating healthier and better. Working my band. I was actually worried on Saturday morning/afternoon. I had 2 slices of pepperoni pizza/garlic sauce from Papa John's Friday evening for dinner (not the best choice) and woke up with some of the worst heartburn/indigestion ever. I was worried that I did something major to my band, I was worried all day. Ended up getting a Fossil watch for $25, Brian got one for $85 and a wallet. I then got a Coach bag and Coach scarf (yay!). Then we went to the Gap outlet and Brian got a really nice sweater and I got a pair of size XL capri workout pants, they fit amazing! And I've never fit into anything from the Gap, so major NSV. 

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just a short update...

I feel like I need a good writing session. I haven't been the best bandster the last few weeks. I'm frustrated with myself, upset, motivated, procrastinating, willpower seems lacking. I don't know what the deal is. It's the food, I'm still getting to the gym quite often, very active. Just been really busy, so feeling a bit overwhelmed doesn't help either.

The eating is bad, especially on the days I truly can not get to the gym or come home and workout. I feel like I've gained and I'm pretty sure my scale will say the same this Sunday, we'll see. I was at 215.2 this past Sunday, which was a .4 gain. That's not as bad as I thought, maybe my metabolism is getting better? Not sure. But the eating is really bad. Truly awful decisions. I'm still making sure to get in my protein/watching calories/sugar and water intake, but a few days I went WAY over my calories of 1200, I like to be less, but it was way above. Ugh! But lately I've been eating WAY too many snacks and eating extra food at work from left over meetings, etc. I don't know why I can't just say no to it. Oh yes, and drinking more and more soda lately. I need  to stop this NOW. I had 2 cans today of diet coke/pepsi and then a diet pepsi at the Y during child watch. So frustrating. I never really drank soda before, I don't know why I am now. I'm pissing myself off. Majorly. 

I need to get this shit under control, or I will not see my goal by December of being under 200 lbs. I need this, I want this, I have to have it. I need to do this, I need to remind myself why I did this, why I'm doing this, why I need these changes in my life, why I need to push forward constantly, no matter how hard it gets. And I can tell when I eat something wrong/fast/too sugary/etc., my body hates it. It's not meant to be. I need to stop these bad lifestyle behaviors stat. 

Had a bit of an issue at work today. We have this lady, I'll call her "Betty", she's 62 I think (or 61). She's always been very negative, very worried all the time, very overwhelming, demanding, rude and deceitful. Unfortunately, I had to work VERY closely with her, we're both secretaries for our department. It sucks. She has her good side, truly, everyone does; however, her bad side far outweighs the good. She's a miserable, nosy, has to be in your business and state her 'opinion' about everything. It's usually non-work related and she will complain to anyone and everyone. Funny thing is, nobody really likes her, because of this bullshit. Well, anyways, I got pulled into a conference room today by my supervisor at 7:45 am and I pretty much knew it was something she said. So, basically she complained to our HR manager that I get in my gym clothes too early. I usually do it 15/20 mins before I leave for the day. I like to be able to get to the gym and get a good workout in. And my HR manager had the nerve to tell my supervisor in the bathroom while they were both urinating (males) at urinals. My supervisor is awesome, he can't stand the petty bullshit either and we just laughed and laughed about her nonsense for about 30 minutes. She's crazy! You do NOT mess with my workout time, you just don't, everyone knows that. So now, according to HR, I can't get dressed until I clock out. Awesome. NOT! Stupid cunt. I can't wait until I leave there or she retires. PARTAY! She also complains about peoples clothes, hair, how "busy" she is (she's not), if someone takes a break, takes too long of a lunch, is in the bathroom too long, leaves early and didn't tell her, travels for business, I mean, it's that ridiculous. I'm over her. Grrr.

Off to finish watching Criminal Minds, reading some magazines, and relaxing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 214.8
Weight Today: 214.8
Weight loss this Week: -0
Weight Loss Total: 55.1 lbs.
No loss, oh well. Need to work harder on myself this week.
Went to Maryland on Saturday to shop. Got breakfast at IHOP, then headed to the Towson Town Center. I bought my love a Fossil watch for his bday (tomorr0w). I got some nail polish and nail stickers from Sephora. Yay! We got some frozen yogurt from Yolavie, yum! Walked around quite a bit, browsed at the Apple store,  got some goodies at the Harry & David store (discounted Root Beer Float moose munch and wasabi peas). Then we went to Baltimore inner harbor to walk around. We got a late lunch at PF Changs, yummy! Got some pork dumplings, egg drop soup (super yum!), and then the Caramel Mango chicken (super yum and super spicy). Very good, highly recommend for a place to eat. Walked around a bit there, saw a 9.11 memorial, pieces of the world trade center and the pentagon on display. Walked around the 3 malls down there, got some color changing polish at Urban Outfitters that I've been wanting. :D Then we headed back to where we were in Towson, went back to the mall and went into the Body Shop for my bean to get his face wash/scrub. Then we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on goodies, yummy!
And home we went. A wonderful day spent with my love.
I think I may have gained a lb. or two, or an inch or something. Just been eating pretty bad lately, not watching sugars or anything except calories. I really have't been paying attention to protein either, not a good step in the direction I want/need to go. I need to get out of this rut fast. Going to zumba tonight 530-630, so that should be good. And probably weights in there too.
Went to a Bridal Show yesterday, won something again, LOVE it! I got a $75 gift card to Legends Bar and Grill on the Pike, yay!  We're also going to be checking out Ceolta's Irish Pub for the reception now, they do not charge a room fee, only charge for the food and I found out that they can customize a menu too based on what you want to pay per person. Yay! The place holds 120 comfortably, so I'm going to make that work somehow, because we are also having a photobooth and a candy buffet for favors. Gotta make this work!
Well, that's all for now, I'm at work. Ciao!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 215.8
Weight Today: 214.8
Weight loss this Week: -1 lb
Weight Loss Total: 55.1 lbs.

Craziness! I really have no idea how I didn't gain or just stay the same. I haven't worked out for about 2 weeks, other than the Day of Caring on Friday through work, did about 4-5 hours of outside work. Got back to zumba and weights today at the gym, kicked my ass. But that's okay. :D

Been feeling great lately, even being sick for about 2 weeks and now I'm afflicted with a horrible yeast infection from my lovely antibiotics. But that's okay, it could be way worse, life in general could be way worse. Just been feeling very blessed lately, for breathe, life, family, friends, love, freedom, sight, sound, smell, touch, opportunities, animals, beauty, smiles, laughter, words, nature and a future. I just feel very blessed. Positive thinking and speaking does wonders. Honest.

I am getting so excited for onederland! I am officially past my 50 % of excessive weight lost. So happy! It was around 218 and I am now 214.8. Woo hoo!

NSV: went to Old Navy yesterday to get a white tank top for underneath a lace top I got for our engagement photos. Found one, size XL for $3.50, score! I then applied to Bath and Body Works (to work on what is called the Floor Set Team, those who set up the new displays, etc), and they require a white shirt and jeans as the attire. So, I also found a really cute and soft 3/4 length white shirt with pockets for $12. Another score! But really?! 2 white shirts in one day? Never in my life would I have done that, let alone, I didn't even bother trying them on, I just grabbed XL's in both and Old Navy tends to run small in clothes up to XXL. And they both fit perfectly. Yay!

I go in on Thursday at 4:30pm to B&BW's for an interview and I guess orientation or something. Not real sure, I was kind of out of it when I scheduled that lol. I'll just show up in attire and hope for the best. If all goes well, I would work Sunday's 5pm-midnight and the occasional Tues/Thurs evenings. I don't really want to work much more than that to be honest, so hopefully that's what this truly is. I still am volunteering for the Child Watch room at the Y, haven't been there but once so far, since being sick for the last 2 weeks, but I plan on being there this Wednesday 530-830. Hope I don't get sick again. : ( Tomorrow the plan is to work 730-4, then zumba 530-630, Tuesday is my allergy injections, so I will probably just do a 30 min kettlebell or try out the demo of Zumba Core on xbox 360, then Wednesday is volunteering, then Thursday is the B&BW's evening, then Friday I will plan on zumba at 430-530. I'm not used to being so involved and so on the go, I get a bit stressed out easier now. :/  I need to work on this, especially if I want kids in the near future.

Anyways, off to paint my nails, watch some tv, read a bit and bed. Ciao!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 220
Weight Today: 215.8
Weight loss this Week: -3.4 lbs.
Weight Loss Total: 54.1 lbs.

Not really sure how this worked itself out, but I'll take it, for now. I've been sick since Tuesday with something, not quite sure what. I woke up with a really bad sore throat, had that all day Tues/Wed. Then Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I got congested, sneezing, coughing, etc. I ended up going to my PCP Friday morning and got Augmentin (an antibiotic), because I was blowing  thick nasty green stuff. Yum! So, needless to say, my extra long weekend has been spent mostly on the couch with tissues, endless water supply, vitamins, yogurt (I tend to get yeast infections), sore throat drops, dayquil and nightquil, my horse pill Augmentin (it's HUGE!), pillow, blanket, fan, magazines, movies, tv, sleep. Good times. Blah. Oh well, I'm dealing. I feel a tiny bit better right now, but the side effect of the pill is giving me diarhea, so that sucks. No pain, just good old fashioned diarhea. Awesome!

So, I haven't been to the gym since last Monday, which sucks and I missed my 2nd day at the Y's child watch room, which sucks. So, maybe somehow I did lose 3.4 lbs, but I doubt it, who knows. I won't continue to question it, just let it be. I also got my TOM about an hour ago, makes my day even more awesome. 

We were gonna head to Kipona/Artsfest, but I'm a bit worried about my lovely side effect acting up while there. Think we're going to get some pizza tonight, and I'm going to eat a slice or two. :D

That's really all for now, back to my movie. 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pretty Digits: Competition Time - Win a Nails Inc Sprinkle of you...

Pretty Digits: Competition Time - Win a Nails Inc Sprinkle of you...: Nails Inc - The Icons mini set, Max Factor - Fantasy Fire, Andrea Fulerton - Gemstone Overcoat (flakie), Barry M - Jewel Britannia and Col...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 220
Weight Today: 219.2
Weight loss this Week: -0.8 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 50.7

Yay! I'm finally in the 210's, I can't believe it! It's so freaking exhilarating. AND I just had a pretty amazing dinner from Trader Joe's, it was a flounder stuffed with crab meat, OMG! I def. need to go back there asap.

This week is my last week on our longer hours/Fridays off. It's a bit sad, but I'm over the longer hours, so it's good at the same time. I work Monday-Wednesday 7-4:52 and then Thursday I work 7-12:30 (we're getting off early for the holiday) AND I have off Friday/Monday, going to be a nice LONG weekend. Can't wait! Maybe hit up the pool one last time.

I started my volunteering job last Wednesday at the West Shore Y's Child Watch room, I rather enjoyed myself to be honest, plus I get a free membership for it. Woo hoo! Perks, I love them! 

This week my game plan is to go to zumba/weights tomorrow evening after work. Tuesday is my injections, so most likely no exercise. Wednesday is Child Watch, no gym, but plenty of running after kids. :) Thursday = zumba and weights again. And then the one room at the Y is closed for waxing the floors, so no zumba Friday, so I will do it at home/kettlebell. Saturday/Sunday depends on plans at my moms/etc. I will more than likely fit it in somewhere both days. 

Ciao for now!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 221.4
Weight Today: 220
Weight loss this Week: -1.4 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 49.8 lbs

Yay! I'm well on my way and so excited to keep up the momentum and get to onederland. 

I went and saw a softball game called Rock n Jock this morning between the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. Woo! It was so much fun and they were so freakin' close. I loved it. For only $10, I can't complain.

I have a lot going on this week. Tomorrow I work 7-4:45, then the gym for some zumba and then grocery shopping after that. Tuesday is my orientation for the Child Watch room at the Y, Wednesday I start at the Child Watch room, if everything goes okay. Then Thursday is Brian's gum grafting, so I will be off half a day for that, then I'm off Friday anyways. Busy, busy. Hopefully I can manage to fit in some decent exercise in there somewhere.

Not much else going on, just relaxing and reading some magazines/and my book. Bed and back to the daily grind tomorrow. :(

Ciao for now!