Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I can't believe it's one week to go already! aaaah! Finally! Now let's hope for a speedy and safe recovery.

Support group last night was great, although I felt the speaker (Drayer PT) wasn't all that great and kind of boring. BUT, my surgeon was there! Can we say woohoo? :P After I got some hugs from Robyn and a "Please keep us update after surgery" (of course I will!), I walked over and talked to Dr. Davidson, yay! He walked over to me and said "Hi" and then I said "You are banding me next Tuesday" and he said "Banding?" and laughed with "banding" in quotes in the air. He said he never heard that used before, I laughed. He asked if I was excited and I said "Yes, very excited" and he basically said I'll do great and depending on how I feel that evening, I may be able to go home, which was news to me. But man, I do love him, he is soooooo handsome and charming.

On another note, still surgery related, I called my surgeon's office yesterday to make sure they received my EKG/blood test results for surgery. Found out that they did, BUT my potassium levels were high. Ugh! They said I had to have it re-taken again. Blah. BUT, I had blood taken 2 days after the blood results they have. So, I called that Dr. (my hematologist, I have low iron/high platelets, so I go every 6 months to monitor those levels), anyways, they said my potassium was perfectly normal and would fax that over to the surgeon. Whew! Now I just have to have my pregnancy test done Thursday at 4p and then we're set. And that should def. be negative, if not, we have a bigger issue, hehe.

Lost my train of thought and other things I wanted to say, that happens a lot lately. Ciao til later...


  1. Support Group didn't do anything for me this month either. The highlight was getting to see you.
    You really will do great and we will be here cheering you on.
    Oh, Dr Pashar is much more handsome then Dr Davidson (just saying).

  2. it will be here before you know it!