Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A couple questions...

Okay, been thinking about a few things and I need some advice.

First, do any of you bandsters carry FMLA through work for their band? I'm debating this.

Also, I need help with inner thighs, I'm talking about major chub rub, I need help! I've lost 16 lbs. this year, not sure where from on my body, but definitely not my inner thighs or thighs in general. Any advice or exercise ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  1. You shouldnt need FMLA, You shouldnt need to take more than a week off. I felt fine to go back to work 5 days after surgery but decided to stay home for a week.

  2. I just had my surgery yesterday and I am only taking this week and Monday off...the only reason I am taking Monday is because my post op appt is scheduled in the morning so I went ahead and the took the whole day. I actually feel like I would be fine to go back this week, but since I already have a sub lined up for my class I am just gonna take it easy.

  3. I didn't use FMLA. I only took 4 work days off so just used sick time. I think it depends on how strict your work is and whether or not you have any time off left.

  4. Well, I guess my main concern is for post-op appointments and such for next year. I have pretty high tolerance for pain, so in addition to the 2 days for Thanksgiving that we get at work, I'm only using 2, maybe 3 days of my own time.