Saturday, November 26, 2011


That's the noise my stomach has been making all day today. Ugh! It's like a demon baby trying to escape, it's sooooo loud and kind of annoying sometimes.

It needs to keep it down in there. I did rather well with my protein/water intake today. I was able to get in 68 grams of protein and TONS of water, lost count after 9 cups. Working on a few more, even though it's technically Saturday already. It got a bit easier, hopefully tomorrow is good too. I just am worried about returning to work and making sure I have stuff with me, so I'm not struggling.

I just can't wait to start the soft foods stage, here I come eggs and oatmeal! :P

Did some shopping at the mall today, it was a bit nuts, even for me. I usually have decent patience, not today. lol. We left there and I was pretty much passed out an hour later, tired and hungry. Blah. Probably go back out later today to Target/Kohls and who knows where else.

Well, that's about it for now, getting a bit tired and hungry (again!), probably just go to bed at this point.



  1. You're at a tough point but it will get easier ! Get lots of rest, sip your water and walk a bit more each day. The stomach noise? ahhh ... that's nothing compared to the rewards that will come !

  2. This is the hard part, but the mushies will help and then on to solid food!