Sunday, March 25, 2012


Do I get rid of this...? It's only on one arm and I'm sick of looking at it.


Doing this from my phone, so no real layout. Lots of NSV's this week, zumbathon yesterday (feeling it today).

Weight: 239.4.
Loss: -.2
I'll take it.

Haven't seen 238 since I was sick, should have never logged that in mfp.

Can't believe I burned 1,616 calories yesterday, ahmazing!! Loved it AND I won 5 things, yay!

Got a busy week ahead of me, zumba tmrw, meeting with Central Penn College on Tuesday after work, zumba Wednesday, eye appointment on Thursday (yay! Finally), Friday zumba, then Saturday more zumba w/ a Sipalda party in the afternoon.

That's all I have for now, getting ready to eat some breakfast, yummy! Grocery shopping later for some goods, we're running pretty bare in the fridge.


Friday, March 23, 2012


I was feeling good these past few days, minus the crazy hunger; until I ate seafood nachos. I don't know how to log them, thank god for the zumbathon tomorrow. Ugh.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Semi weigh-in

Not going to do a real weigh-in because of being sick last weekend. However, I was 238 from being sick last week; Monday or Tuesday I was back up to 242 (where I was before) and this morning I was 239.6. Woo hoo! Did it all on my own, but that does not make it okay how I ate a few of those days.

But I am pretty pleased to be under 240 on my own. Seeing that is such a huge motivator. AND yesterday, I managed to snag a pair of size 18 capris and a size 18/20 really pretty dress at Ross. Yay! I wore it downtown last night, I felt very pretty, not slutty like most girls.

Anyways, out for some breakfast and then zumba. Later, maybe getting a coach purse. ;)


Saturday, March 17, 2012


A few short things to mention:

Went to get my Pandora bracelet at Mountz and the first thing they do is get you a bracelet size. The lady said 'you have pretty small wrists', so she got me the smaller size. Woop woop!

Today, on the way home from the gym, I got a nice iced coffee from DD's abd it fit very nicely between my legs and the steering wheel.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confession time.

I'm having an awful emotional day today. I let myself down, again.

I don't even know what to say, I'm just disgusted with myself. :( I could scream! I got semi-nauseous at zumba tonight, probably because I ate like a pig at work today. We had a food day and I had at least 1000 calories or more. I didn't have ALOT of anything, just too much bad stuff. I can't keep this up, I just can't. But honestly, what the hell is going through my mind when I'm grabbing this shit? I'm so frustrated, it's NOT okay.

Now I'm at home, feeling sorry for myself, still feeling a bit nauseous/sick to my stomach, but hungry at the same time. Ugh!! I did manage to burn about 600 calories at the gym, but I still feel very upset with myself. I need to lock and re-load.

I had more to say, but I'm just not feeling it right now.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Make A List Monday

This week’s category for Make A List Monday is your top ten current TV shows.  This list should include shows that are currently on television.  So, no Brothers and Sisters or LOST which are both shows I miss.

Here is my list:

1.      Adventure Time

2.      Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
3.      The River

CrCriminal Minds 
Criminal Minds tv show photo

5.      Vampire Diaries

6.      Grimm

7.     The Walking Dead

8.      Jersey Shore

9.      Teen Mom (Teen Mom 2)

dd Switched at Birth

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 241.4

Weight Today: 238

Weight loss this Week: 3.4 lbs.

Weight Loss Total: 32.4 lbs.

Nice loss, but now how I wanted to lose it. :( Been sick since Friday night. Still not feeling the greatest. Off to watch my movie, then hopefully go get groceries, if I can manage it.


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Im pretty sure this is karma. :( been sick in my stomach since last night around 8. And was awoken bc of it around 3-4 this morning. I hope it goes away, or my ass will end up in urgent care. :/

Friday, March 09, 2012


I have been over my calories the last 3 days. :( so unacceptable. I need to change things stat. I was sooooo close to the 230's and I know Im not now. Still in this funk, and I need to get out of it.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In and other NSV's

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 242

Weight Today: 241.4

Weight loss this Week: .6

Weight Loss Total: 29 lbs

Not the best loss, but a loss nonetheless. Yay! I was down the 240.8 as well, but that went away, haha. I'll get back to that, no problemo! I saw Dr. Weiger on Thursday for my 3 month follow up and a fill.  I got my 2nd fill, not sure how much, need to call and find out, forgot to ask there. He said I'm doing great so far, so that was reassuring. 

Went to the Humane Society Thursday evening to get transfer of ownership for Beemo to our friend Jody. What a pain the ass that was! They were so rude and disrespectful to us, it was an awful experience added onto an already awful/sad situation. I'm just happy that FINALLY in the end (Friday) Jody was able to go and pick him up, yay! Just glad he has a happy home, and is only a mile away from us. :) I went to a Tasteful Treasures party last night and Jody was there, she showed me some pics, adorable! I miss him and I feel like we're in an open adoption, it's weird. lol.

Went to Stallions last night for about 2 hours and danced my ass off! It was sooooo much fun and I love that  place sooooo much! My fave!

Met up with my mom today at Kohl's and went on a shopping spree, a little one anyways. Talk about some NSV's!! Whew! I was not expecting that at all. I have been looking into getting some new low-top Chuck Taylor's to wear with shorts/capris/dresses, but Journey's didn't have my size yesterday. So, I found a kick ass pair at Kohl's for $48, their soooo 80's 
 I used to wear size 10's in everything, these are 9s.

I then got new flats from Vera Wang, those are 9's:

I then got 2 new nightie type things for bedtime. I usually just sleep in undies and a shirt. Now I have actual night time wear. :) Size XL in both. :) I also got 4 bras, woo hoo! I needed bras majorly. Had NO idea what size I am right now, so my mom and I just went all out and tried a size or two smaller than I am now. I am now a 42D. I was a 44DD for the past year or so. Yay!!! I got 3 very nice bras and a sports bra that actually supports. :)

I love NSV's!! In a way, their better than scale victories, I feel like I get my NSV's than regular scale ones. 

Onto some pics from last night at Stallions:

:) It was so much fun! And I got TONS of goodies at the Tasteful Treasures party. :)

Ciao for now!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


I don't know how else to describe how I'm feeling these past few days. On Saturday, my fiance (Brian) and I adopted a chihuahua from the humane society. We named him Beemo. He was such a good dog, about one year old and so affectionate. Unfortunately, my allergies flared up pretty badly on Tuesday. I broke out in itchy bumps on my arms/chest/neck/back and then my eyes started itching. Straight signs of an allergic reaction for me. It sucks. It was def. from his licking, he is a big time licker, that's his happiness.

 I'm on a great allergy medication and I take weekly injections for my allergies as well, for about 3 years now. I feel awful. Just down right  depressed. We signed him up for obedience classes, his first vet appointment and he just loved being around us. But, after a conversation with my mom and Brian, it was just the best thing to do for everyone involved to give him up. A good friend of ours at work (Jody) said she would adopt him. She has two dogs of her own, so we took him over last night to see how they got along. It was great, he started playing right away, loved running around the fenced in yard and seemed very comfortable already. She only lives like half a mile from us, so it's nice, as long as everything works out in the next few days, I'll be able to go over and visit with him.

I'm just so angry because any asshole(s) can adopt a dog or buy a dog, abuse it, throw it away and/or give it up with no second thoughts, but yet I really wanted this and now I can't have that experience anymore because of allergies. It's just very depressing. I feel like my body has failed me in so many ways. I just started to get really down on myself these past 2 days. I'm off work today because I didn't sleep well and I'm still pretty itchy today. Ugh. I was bawling all Tuesday night and all day yesterday on and off at work. I didn't make it to the gym last night because we were at Jody's house and then went to El Rodeo for some dinner. Where I proceeded to eat too much, grrr! But I'm still down to about 241-242. I have my 3 month follow up appointment today with Dr. Weiger and maybe I'll get my 2nd fill, not sure how that's decided. I'm still hungry between meals, esp. bfast/lunch and sometimes lunch/dinner. It's been better this past week, cause I've been so active, didn't really have time to snack, but now life is back to routine and I'm hungry.

Not much else going on, got my first article published in the Duncannon Record last week on the front page, yay!

Well, ciao for now!