Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm alive! :)

I'm here! Just been busy and relaxing. It's been a long two days. Two days already? lol. Yes.

Wooh. Well, basically, my surgery was set for 2:15p and I was to arrive at 1p for check in. I got there around 1245-1p, got all checked in and weighed (269) and then I was called back to the waiting area to get gowned up, IV'd, pee, etc. My mom and Brian came back then around 1:30ish. Well, then we found out that Dr. Davidson had an emergency surgery right before we got there and he was now behind. :( This made things a bit more tense for me, as I starving at this point. I took naps on and off, watched some TV, chatted. I was finally told I would be going around 7p for surgery. Woo hoo!

Surgery was a great success! Dr. Davidson told my mom I was "textbook", it was that easy, no complications whatsoever, no hernia, etc. Yay! I got out of recovery around 9ish and got to my room at 9:15p. My mom and Brian were there waiting for me, but I was pretty much passed out still, so they left. I was then in and out of sleep the rest of the night/morning. Not the most comfortable sleeping situation, BUT it was nice to be catered on ALL night long.

I got up and walked the hall once around midnight, had some vicodin at 12:30a, then slept til about 2a. At this point, couldn't sleep much. I was able to have ice chips, water, juice and a popsicle through the night/morning.  I had some more vicodin at 6:30a and pretty much watched some tv til about 9, slept again, then called Brian to head on over as I was told my discharge papers were ready. We got out of there around 11. We then headed over to the Clinic to pick up a sample bag of their products. Then we headed to CVS to get my vicodin filled and to pick up some random stuff. And home was finally in site, yay!

Slept a whole bunch on and off yesterday, tried my hardest to get in lots of water and protein. It was tough and still is as I end the clear liquid face, I'm hoping tomorrow when I start the full liquids it will get a bit easier. :/ I slept til 11am this morning and then got up, showered and headed to my mom's for Thanksgiving. Got there around noon or so. Brian had a nice dinner and got TONS of leftovers and desserts for himself. I slept a good bit after I popped some vicodin. I had a jello there and 2 things of protein (clear) liquids (one beef and one peach/mango). I also am finding that when I start getting major gas pains in my tummy, I take 2 of the gas x strips on my tongue and it helps to release it. Yay! But I had major gas pain earlier and walked it off. Then we headed to his mom's house in Harrisburg for another dinner around 6pm. He had some more food while I relaxed on the couch and played some UNO. I stood up a bit and walked around too. There I had some more vicodin around 8p and had a bunch of water/protein drinks. We watched the Ice Age christmas special and then the Very Gaga Thanksgiving (loved it!).

And here we are now. Just got home a bit ago, drinking another protein drink (grape) and I actually like this one a lot. My incisions are doing great, just itchy right now. Still getting LOTS of gas pains, but also getting them out as well. Sitting here now watching some tv and reading some magazines. :) Tomorrow, I believe we will be venturing out in the afternoon/evening to get some Bath and Body Works stuff with our coupons and the deals going on.

I'm a bit worried about being able to get the recommended protein amount and the water intake. And also about figuring out of my soft stops, I can't stop thinking about it. A bit stressed about that part and it's only been 2 days, so I know I'll figure it out eventually, just don't want to screw this up.

Well, this is all for now, still a bit fuzzy and tired.



  1. Glad you're home and doing good!

  2. Wow a band right before Thanksgiving. Way to tackle this head on!
    Hope today is another good day for you.

  3. Glad everything went OK. I wouldn't stress too much about the protein, etc. the first couple days. I'll be honest...I was not a model bandster when it came to the protein intake for the first couple weeks. I just focused on healing and getting in what I could. My doc was pretty strict about the liquids (3 weeks of it) so it was all about that for me. As long as it was liquid, I didn't care. Trust me...grand scheme...the amount of protein you get these first few days doesn't really's just about keeping you full so as long as you're full, don't stress too much. Hang in there!

  4. Megan, just do what you can while you are healing. You can worry about protein and soft stops later. You will get it and you will do great.
    It sounds like you are doing great; I am very glad.