Monday, September 17, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.
Weight last week: 214.8
Weight Today: 214.8
Weight loss this Week: -0
Weight Loss Total: 55.1 lbs.
No loss, oh well. Need to work harder on myself this week.
Went to Maryland on Saturday to shop. Got breakfast at IHOP, then headed to the Towson Town Center. I bought my love a Fossil watch for his bday (tomorr0w). I got some nail polish and nail stickers from Sephora. Yay! We got some frozen yogurt from Yolavie, yum! Walked around quite a bit, browsed at the Apple store,  got some goodies at the Harry & David store (discounted Root Beer Float moose munch and wasabi peas). Then we went to Baltimore inner harbor to walk around. We got a late lunch at PF Changs, yummy! Got some pork dumplings, egg drop soup (super yum!), and then the Caramel Mango chicken (super yum and super spicy). Very good, highly recommend for a place to eat. Walked around a bit there, saw a 9.11 memorial, pieces of the world trade center and the pentagon on display. Walked around the 3 malls down there, got some color changing polish at Urban Outfitters that I've been wanting. :D Then we headed back to where we were in Towson, went back to the mall and went into the Body Shop for my bean to get his face wash/scrub. Then we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on goodies, yummy!
And home we went. A wonderful day spent with my love.
I think I may have gained a lb. or two, or an inch or something. Just been eating pretty bad lately, not watching sugars or anything except calories. I really have't been paying attention to protein either, not a good step in the direction I want/need to go. I need to get out of this rut fast. Going to zumba tonight 530-630, so that should be good. And probably weights in there too.
Went to a Bridal Show yesterday, won something again, LOVE it! I got a $75 gift card to Legends Bar and Grill on the Pike, yay!  We're also going to be checking out Ceolta's Irish Pub for the reception now, they do not charge a room fee, only charge for the food and I found out that they can customize a menu too based on what you want to pay per person. Yay! The place holds 120 comfortably, so I'm going to make that work somehow, because we are also having a photobooth and a candy buffet for favors. Gotta make this work!
Well, that's all for now, I'm at work. Ciao!

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