Thursday, December 01, 2011

Another day...

Still feeling not quite like myself and getting restless and annoyed. My stomach is bothering me quite a bit today. Was constipated this morning, now it's the opposite. Ugh. Ended up taking off work today, didn't sleep worth shit last night, very restless.

Got in my protein, easier than I thought it would be. Water on the other hand is much tougher, but doable.

Back to work tomorrow, busy, busy. But, it's the weekend! I need to go shopping for a surprise baby shower and then grocery shopping for the soft foods phase (yay!).



  1. I had a lot of trouble sleeping in the beginning... I took my comforter and tucked it all around me like a nest so that I wouldn't move. Normally I sleep on my stomach but had to sleep on my back or side for the first month. Hang in there, you're doing great! xx

  2. Sorry about the stomach issues, I'm sure your stomach will adjust soon!