Monday, December 19, 2011


It's been awhile. I've been good, just working, shopping, sleeping, walking, ect.

Cannot believe that Christmas is in 6 days! Craziness! I still have to get my dad something and wrap a few more things. Not too bad.

My 27th birthday was yesterday, Brian got me a Nook tablet (yay!) reading a book about Michael Jackson, written by his longtime friend Frank Cascio. It's really good so far. He also got me a Philosophy thing called "Birthday Girl", yummy! It has a body wash/shampoo/bubble bath called Grace, a face moisturizer called Purity, a lip balm/gloss in Vanilla Cake, a foot lotion called "Soul" and a hand/cuticle lotion. Love it! His mom also got me a Sephora gift card which came with a cute Sephora pocket mirror. :) And tomorrow I'm going to get a tattoo (thanks to my mom!) for my birthday. Going to an awesome guy named Ron at Established Tattoos off of Paxton St. Appointment is at 5:30, can't wait! I'm getting the words "Break Down the Walls, Break Down the Shame", it's a line from a poem I wrote. I'm getting it on my left clavicle area. Can't wait!

On to accountability, I'm fluctuating between 17-20 lbs loss so far. A bit frustrating, but I know I'm still healing inside, ect. Most between 249.6-251. And I measured today and I lost 12 inches on my hips! Yay for my first true NSV!

Where I work, we get TONS of goodies for the holidays and I've been really good the past few weeks (mainly b/c I didn't want to sabotaged the healing process). Last week and today = no good. My willpower was weak, I was weak. I caved. I have truffles, peanut brittle, toffee, and some other chocolate goodies. Ugh!!! Can't even calculate the calories, which drives me nuts! I'm so upset with myself, I really need to get my sweet tooth under control and get a better handle on my attitude about this. Other than that, I'm doing great with eating, good portions, recognizing my soft stops, not drinking water during or for an hour after, eating protein first, ect. I think I'm doing decent, but I want to do better. Tomorrow is another day to do that.

Can't believe it will be a month already this Thursday! Craziness. I'm excited to really get this thing started. I've been walking for the past week, so far, so good, in fact I love it! A bit boring, but it'll do for now. I did an hour tonight around my town and I loved it! Saw really nice homes, cool lights, some cute puppies, nice people. All in all, a good walk. I think I need to update my playlists, getting bored with the same crap.

Anyways, that's about it for now. Going to paint my nails/toe nails and relax. Ciao!


  1. Happy belated birthday and 12 inches off your hips - oh that would be such a great present !

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Great NSV! and Not a bad SV either considering you're only a month out... When was the last time you lost 20 lbs in a month??? Keep up the great work!

  3. Happy Birthday Love bug!! So very proud of you for getting out there and walking and it's been COLD lately too!! Brrrr...

    You know what honey? It's the freaking holiday time. Those candies, truffles etc, are gonna be here for less than two weeks then they'll all be gone and we'll be grateful that the temptation is gone. You've lose over 17 lbs in 3 weeks darlin. That's freaking amazing and I'm so proud of you.

    Just consider losing 17 - 20 lbs last year at this time with the holidays? I know for me anyway it would never have happened. I would likely have gained 17 lbs. : )

    You're doing great, I'm so proud of you.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Congrats on the NSV!