Sunday, December 04, 2011


I thought I was ready for my soft foods diet (starting tmrw!), but I'm a bit worried now. Ugh! So afraid of overdoing it or getting stuck already. :(

I just made hard boiled eggs, but after reading a bit more online, most people can't tolerate them. But in my aftercare book, it says hard-boiled, so I'll try one. Now, scrambled eggs, yes, def. a do. But they say "soft", which must be different than what I normally make. Ugh. How confusing. I still have plenty of puddings, protein drinks, but I want more. Def. going to be some mashed potatoes/baked potatoes this week, but holy cow am I nervous about starting this phase.

I need suggestions, more, I read applesauce too, which I have, but some say "strained", I'm pretty sure my applesauce isn't chunky. I'm also planning on refried beans, I've got some salsa and cheese, I have bought black beans so I can puree them for something different. It also says oatmeal, which I love, but I usually don't like it runny, so I'll try to cope with that. I think I'll probably try cottage cheese/sweet potatoes for the first time as well. I also bought some canned green beans (this is suggested in my book) from the Dr. I do have some fruit in water peaches, no sweetener.

I'm super excited to add more variety, but very nervous about being too "full" to even get any real food down. My eyes are def. bigger than my "stoma" at this point. :P I'll just take it one minute at a time, chew, chew, no drinking while eating, small bites, etc. I got this!

But any other suggestions or recipes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  1. You won't know til you know... no point putting it off, you'll have to eat at some point!

    Another good thing to eat is Greek yogurt, lots of yummy protein in that.

  2. I remember being nervous at that time too. When I ended up doing was having a protein shake for breakfast and then taking homemade chili and putting it in the blender (I have a Magic Bullet) and zzzzing it until it was liquid. Delish. Also went and bought cream of potato soup and would eat around the potatoes.

  3. Chobani Greek yogurt is really good. Good luck

  4. You'll be fine! Just try things and eat slowly. I agree with the other suggestions and I ate a lot of black bean soup.

  5. cottage cheese topped with marinara. Delish!