Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts and ideas

Home from Zumba, my second love. *blush* Let's just say my fave pair of workout pants are now falling off during Zumba AND my shoes are driving me nuts. It's pay weekend, I may just go find me some new pants and new shoes. I want the new Nike Musique shoes. Going to try them on maybe this weekend, hope I like them. 

Was researching brooch bouquet's last night, I def. HAVE to have one for my wedding next year. I'm def. thinking about making my own, because the average price for the ones I like are $500. Yeah, no. :P So, I found a whole bunch of goldtone brooches, flower brooches, stuff like that on ebay today and I think I'm going to start bidding/buying them. :) SO, if ANY of you have or know of anyone who has flower brooches, birds, branches, trees, in gold, brown, green, orange, any shades of those would be greatly appreciated. I would gladly buy them or if you so wish, you can donate them to the "Megan wants a brooch bouquet" fund. :) Thanks!

It would look something like this: 

Not much else going on, doing better with my eating the past 2 days, but then I had a 6 pack of oreos today at work because I somehow ran out of my luna bars, grrrr! Stupid stupid. BUT I did refuse to go to a happy hour tonight that would have consisted of only fried finger foods and alcohol. It was free nonetheless, but I'd rather do zumba. This is a realization when you know you're doing something right. I was proud of myself, even though Brian wanted me to accompany him to the happy hour, I refused. I must do this for myself and no one else, even if it means pissing people off. 

Tomorrow I am getting a gel manicure. Anyone who knows me, knows I can't keep polish on for more than like 4-5 days, mostly 2-3 days though. I am a polish whore. Yes, I am, first step is admitting it. hehe. Anyways, I had a gel manicure about a year or so ago and I liked it, but the girl didn't do that great of a job. The place I'm going to tomorrow was recommended to me from a girl at work that gets gels done there and her nails look great! My nails are kind of crappy right now, their strong, but just crappy. About 3 of them have slits on the side, pretty far down, so I want get something done, but not acrylics, cause they ruin your nails. So we'll see.

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