Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For those of you who do either, what weight were you when you first started? I just want to do it casually, but I struggle and can't get more than 10 feet.

What were your steps to get where you are now? Not a big treadmill fan, but I'll so it if necessary.



  1. Treadmills help with keeping your knees and ankles from falling off in the beginning. It's easier to run on a treadmill than the road. Some people find the Couch to 5k approach (www.coolrunning.com) helpful. Personally, I started walking/running at around 215 lbs. I would run as much as I could (at a slow pace because I'm slow. LOL) and then walk until my breathing regulated and then run again. This helped me build up gradually. When I used a treadmill, I set it at a 5k distance and adjusted my speed and just tried to beat my time each attempt. Good luck!

  2. I am no help because the ortho doctor said no running for me. BUt I am proud of you for trying to get started.

  3. I do the same as Manda. It takes a while to be able to do more than the10 feet, I'm only p to jogging for about 30 - 45 seconds at a time. But if I do this regularly, I have gotten up to 2mins. Consistency is key though, any break in you every second day routine, and it puts you back, especially when you are like me and still have a way to go in the weight loss department.

    Good luck and remember to rest I between

  4. I do couch to 5K program. Google couch to 5K and go with the cool runnings link, should be first. Then get yourself to iTunes and download the couch to 5K podcast for at least the first 4 weeks, then be prepared to spend a few weeks (or more) repeating the same week again and again (and again). Haha, I did week four alone for twelve weeks, and the entire program is only supposed to take nine weeks, but I'm a firm believer that it's more a pace for people who have run before. I also started at 5 miles per hour and quickly realized that was too fast. I run slow at 4.8 but start even slower if you need to. Take it as slow as you need to and don't worry about having to take more walk breaks. The running sucks at first, I seriously thought my lungs would burst. But I just kept with it and the sense of pride is a-MAZE-balls. You'll quickly learn to love it. Oh, I started Somewhere between 210-215'ish. Hope this helps!