Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well, it's been a while. I've been doing okay...had my fill last week and so far, so good. I overate like twice so far and it's VERY uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I've been doing better, but today was not a good eating day, I def. eat when I'm stressed. I decided it was a wise idea (even though I had luna bars in my drawer) to get a pack of pop tarts from the vending machine. UGH! And I ate both of them, what a waste of 420 calories. Awful decision. I'm down about another 2 lbs, nothing crazy, but it works for me.

Work has been....annoying lately. To say the least, I'm about fed up with it. I applied for a position at a company  in Enola that I would love to work for. They received my resume/cover letter today, so I'm hoping I hear something soon on an interview. Eeeh. Not sure how much it pays, but it sounds like a great job and I think it would probably be about what I make now.

I have been wedding planning lately, probably going to look at a couple places for the reception in the next week. We are either doing October 12th or 19th of 2013. And in my eyes, it's NEVER too early to start planning. I refuse to be a bridezilla and wait til the year of to plan, too much stress and I don't need it right now. So, it's fun now. I've been on Etsy.com, Pinterest, and various other sites just getting TONS of ideas. I also have a book we got from B&N's. I purchased "Will you be my..." cards on Etsy and their gorgeous! I asked my Maid of Honor already and I'm meeting with my 3 bridemaids for dinner this Friday (along with my mom) at Applebee's to give them their cards. I can't wait! Exciting stuff. Can't believe we're finally getting married.

Not much else going on, just working, exercising, logging food, reading, watching tv, sleeping and wedding planning. :)

I also need to pick a set day to do "weigh ins"...I think it will be Sundays. Hold me accountable!
Ciao for now!


  1. All I can suggest is to try and find an alternative for your stress and work on it :o) cause stress don't stop when you loose weight.

    As for everything else, good luck with the job and congrats on starting the planning, you must be so excited :o)

  2. The more restriction you get, the less you'll be able to stress eat. Best to find another outlet now...maybe wedding planning can be a stress reliever? LOL