Saturday, January 28, 2012

This past week hasn't been the best food wise. I'm disappointed in myself. I know only I can do this, no one else. I did excellent with my exercise, went every day but Thursday. I went to a happy hour for work and ate some bad shit (pizza, bread, wing). Not much of it, but still bad choices, because that's all they offered. :/ Then we went to Savannah's (a strip club) and I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself. :D I had 2 kamikaze's there and then nothing but water. I took off yesterday and so did Brian, so I did zumba and weights in the morning to make up for not going Thursday evening. I did okay with eating yesterday.

Today, I took zumba at 9am. And we just got back from Olive Garden for dinner. I had a $5 off coupon, so we decided to go tonight. I did not eat everything, BUT man I am full. Grrr. I had one breadstick, 1/3 of my chicken alfredo, 1/2 of their triple chocolate strata cake, and half a cup of coffee. Not bad, but still not great. I'm still under for the day, BUT I will NOT be surprised if I have a 1-2 lb. gain tomorrow morning for weigh-in.

I ended up going to the Salvation Army after Zumba Wednesday night to meet my mom there. I ended up getting 3 shirts and 3 pants for $12. Not bad. 2 of the pants don't quite fit yet, but the shirts are great, I esp. LOVE this red one I found for $2.

Tomorrow I'm FINALLY getting to a bridal expo at the local Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg. Yay! I'm so excited, I've only been to one for my sis' wedding 3 years ago. And now I'm going for me. :) I hope I win some cool stuff, maybe a trip, money, goodies for the wedding. I'll take anything at this point. I'm meeting up with my girls there and my mom, so I'm siked. :D

Speaking of wedding stuff, my mom found another rustic place in Marysville out the valley. It's MUCH cheaper than the Ribbon Mill, which would allow us more wiggle room for other things. Yay! Not sure when we'll get to go look at it, but it's called Whitetail Lodge.

Well, that's all for now, off to watch some tv and browse some more wedding stuff.

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