Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A new day

So, it's been a while. With the holidays and all, it was a bit nuts. Then I proceeded to catch a cold last week and am still slowly getting over it as of today. I went back to Zumba tonight and wow! I missed it a lot, but man, it was tough, but I made it and I worked hard and sweated my ass off! 35 minutes in my asthma was kicking my ass, my chest was tight and I thought for sure I was going to have to leave early. :( But I toughed it out and stayed. Very proud of myself, only had some minor aches and I didn't fall. :P

My eating hasn't been the greatest, the holidays were VERY intimidating and my determination wasn't quite there. I succumbed to the MANY temptations and had MANY unwanted calories. From cookies, truffles, cakes and pies, woo! I'm glad it's over though. I have a problem with sweets, need to work on this. Esp. because I had more than my fair share of everything and it was super hard to track most of it on myfitnesspal because a lot of it didn't have any nutritional info.

I have got to fight harder and be more focused. I get my first fill next week on the 11th and to be honest, I'm super worried about the outcome of it. I could care less about the actual needle/process, but more about the after affects, I've heard about the fills sometimes not working until a week or so later and then getting stuck. I guess I just need to take it a day at a time.

I haven't been the best with eating my protein first either. We have had a love affair with Panera Bread lately; especially their soups. And I know we're not really supposed to eat just soup, but man, it's yummy and only 300 calories. :) and I really don't snack at night anymore unless it's a popsicle (sugar free), yogurt, pudding or luna bar.

I need to know if anyone has ever done or heard of the Warrior Dash? My brother and sis in law are doing the one on May 19th in Maryland. It's 3.02 miles of hell (this is their statement, not mine). On their site, it shows all of the obstacles, some look super fun, but others scare the living shit out of me! Esp. the climbing ones because my arms suck and I am weak in that area. They want to do it as a team and end as a team, which is great. Go have fun and get muddy. My sis in law has MS, so I understand, but I feel like I will be more of a letdown and dragging people down, esp. with my asthma and weight. Although, I'm hoping to lose quite a bit more between now and then, but they want to know by this Sunday, the 8th. I'm torn.

Something great, I've been maintaining for the past 2/3 weeks, BUT the past 2 days, I've been staying under 250, yay! I broke the barrier! Dr. Davidson (my surgeon) said most people gain or stay the same during bandster hell, I'm hoping I can prove that wrong next week. I'm at 248.9 right now. AND the Y added another zumba on Wednesday evening's at 5:30, which is perfect, cause I didn't like their 8pm one only. So NOW, I can go Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun. I love zumba. :) A bit much, I def. need to add strength training. I need to get on this, stat.

Well, that's about all for now. 


  1. Great to hear from you! Don't be nervous about your fill, just remember small bites and to chew each bite 30 times or so! There's many bandsters that are 100lbs+ down and have never been stuck or pb'd! Believe it or not! lol :)

  2. The race sounds interesting, and its great to have a goal to work towards but 3 miles of hell?! You go girl!!
    I've still gotta try Zumba.

  3. I've been toying with doing a Warrior Dash in Phoenix in April/May (have to look it up)! It looks REALLY intimidating but super fun. It's actually one of my goals for the new year.

  4. I say do it! You never know where you'll be by then. :) And if you're not up for it, they can probably substitute someone.

    Good luck with your upcoming fill!

  5. How long is 3 miles in Km?


  6. Hi! 3 miles = 4.828032 km. Hope that helps!