Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I really hates doctors, not the dr's themselves, but the whole time I'm there, i feel like a complete failure.

Had an allergist/asthma apptointment today, first the scale says I'm 3 lbs. heavier than I thought, then my bp says like 160/104! I literally said said outloud 'holy shit!'

So frustrated.

Oh yeah and yesterday I stepped on some sort of hole/dip in our yard and I'm pretty sure I have a slight sprain and then went to zumba on it. Yeah, I'm smart like that.


  1. Awww honey - it will get better. I promise! Be careful about that possible sprain!

  2. Oh mercy... when it rains, it pours...


  3. Hey, take it easy on that little ankle. They are so hard to heal :(

  4. awww I am sorry... take it easy on the ankle

  5. Definately take it easy on the could be that your bp was elevated due to anxiety from the number on the scale (or just from anxiety from having to go to the doctor...that used to happen to me all the time).

    Keep your chin will get better, I promise :)

  6. Aaaawwww...if you haven't had bp issues in the past, then it's probably stress related. Take deep breaths and know that today will be a better day.