Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday was food day at work. My original plan was to not bring anything, so I didn't eat anything. But my lovely BF convinced me to bring something so he could eat. So, I made a veggie pizza and everyone loved it.

Well, I ended up eating pretty bad. Not a lot of food, but what I ate was pretty terrible. Let's see, 2 kinds of buffalo dip, diet pepsi, meatballs, pasta salad(s), hashbrown casserole, ect. ect. THEN we had all kinds of yummy desserts (my weakness), I had red velvet cake, pumpkin whoopie pie, angel food cake with chocolate sauce, dirt pudding...

I don't know what my freakin' deal is! Then today, this lady at work who has been taking cake decorating classes, made another one of her delicious cakes (with fondant, which I have a new love for) and I decided I was going to have a piece, and not a real small one either. :(

Why do we do this to ourselves? So frustrating. I need to do something about the mental part of this, I know things will change once I actually have the band, but I can't keep eating like this every now and then. I hit the gym after work today for zumba, love it! I need to start back up on the strength training though too.

I have been looking into the body bugg and various other calorie trackers, preferably something accurate. However, I didn't realize there's a monthly membership to pay for. So, now the body bugg is out as an option. Anyone have any ideas for something that accurately counts calories burned that I can wear that isn't bulky or uncomfortable? Thanks ahead of time.

This is week 4 of waiting for approval/denial. I'm still going insane, but hiding it a bit better. I have to say, I have been pretty much been wishing the days away, one at a time.

Ciao for now!


  1. Sounds like it's time to call the insurance coordinator and rattle his/her cage - I went through the same hell and found out that my coordinator didn't send in half of the required information at the time - ultimately holding things up... Just a thought..

    (((huggggssss)))) hang in there!!

  2. I have the Body Media FIT. It doesn't track the calories but tracks the calories burned. You still need to track with you eat but I like it. I think the first 3 (or maybe 6) months were free and then it's 6.95 (I think) per month.

  3. Even after the band, those binges are tough to control. The good thing is you'll binge on less. I'd be calling the insurance company daily...the squeaky wheel and all that.