Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weigh-In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 227.8-230

Weight Today: 226.6!!!

Weight loss this Week: -1.2 lbs

Weight Loss Total: 43.2 lbs

FINALLY!! Holy hell that was a rough 2-3 weeks of staying the same, my lovely 2-3 lb. gain from TOM, and being sick for a day 1/2 and losing 5, gaining it back as soon as I saw food. :/ Craziness!

Been busy lately and I feel like by upping my workouts this past week and doing a few different things here and there truly helped. I threw in a kettlebell workout last Saturday and was sore from that for about 5-6 days, and then yesterday I did 2 different beginner ab workouts (13 mins total) through Comcast on demand fitness videos. And wow, my abs were definitely engaged and are now a tad sore. Went up to my moms today to help with some stuff, then swam for a while, had some lunch, relaxed, hung out with family and played with 3 very cute kitties. A good relaxing day. Minus the bad sunburn I got on my upper back/chest/arms. Ooops!

I noticed a few NSV's this past week. Amazing how those few small things perk your mood right up. Clothes are still fitting better and better every day, even some are getting a tad too big to ignore. I was standing sideways in the mirror and DAMN! I was looking pretty damn skinny, couldn't believe it AND certain ways I stood/moved, I had NO back rolls. HELLO! I can used to this.

And I can't believe how close I am to ONEDER-freaking-LAND! And heck, even the 2-teen's, craziness! And I can't wait to continue on this crazy journey. 

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