Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weigh-In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 227.8

Weight Today: 227.8

Weight loss this Week: 0 lbs

Weight Loss Total: 42 lbs

No biggie. My lovely friend of the month came today, so I figured a stay-the-same or gain, it keep fluctuating between 227-230 right now, drives me nuts! I ate like a weirdo today, nothing too terrible, but nothing real nutritional either. Blah!

Went to my moms to swim, hung out for a while, did some laundry, hung with the kitties, swam some more, sun tanned, slept, swam some more, ate some more, watched the Phillies lose, etc etc. Just had a Wendy's frosty and fry for dinner. haha.

Terrible, oh well, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow we are having a surprise 60th party at work for one of the adjusters, then tomorrow evening Brian and I are going to a dinner in Hershey with one of the vendors for Workers Comp. Should be a nice time. But I will def. need to watch my eating tomorrow. :/

We bought a Kinect and Zumba for it on Friday after work. I LOVE it! I burned almost 700 calories yesterday doing it. Woo hoo!

Going to cut some coupons, read a magazine, watch "The Killing" finale and read the 2nd "50 Shades" book. :) In love with it!


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