Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Not having a good day today, food wise. I'm feeling down on myself. I was doing sooooooo well, keeping my net calories to 1200, give or take a few. I lost 2 lbs last week and have been losing really well the last month. But, over the weekend, with the move and whatnot; we had pizza, chinese, etc. I did manage a salad in there, and I really didn't eat much of anything at one time. I only had a slice of pizza at a meal and it took me 3-4 meals to finish the chinese food.

I will say, this last fill (I'm at 5.6) is really doing it for me. I have not been able to eat much of anything at any given time, I love the restriction. But for some reason, something was sparked inside of me and the "old" fat me, has been grabbing at sugar like it's going out of style. And it's most def. not! :P

I'm upset with myself, it's unacceptable. Twizzlers, ice cream (3x a week or more!!, skinny cow, etc), chocolate and homemade goodies at work (today: carmelitas). Hello!! I need to wake up! I think I'm going to do some more research and do a sugar detox, cause I'e had enough. And not only that, BUT my lovely yeast infection is still hanging on ever so slightly. Awesome. NOT.

I'm ready to kick this up and get to onederland! I'm going back to the gym tonight, can't wait! It's been about a week and a half, so I'm sure that hasn't help either. I need to get back on track and stop this crappy snacking and sweets problem.

For you others that watch or monitor your sugar intake, what is some advice? I don't do bread (other than that dang pizza!), I don't eat rice, pasta, etc. I do however, have a sweets problem (candy, cake, cupcakes, pie, chocolate, etc). It's terrible. I love fruit, which is a natural sugar, I don't add sugar to anything (other than my occassional DD's iced coffee, maybe once a week). MFP says my sugar intake should be no more than 29 per day. For today, ALREADY, I'm at 61. :( I plan on NOT letting it get any worse tonight. We're having tacos tonight. I only eat the meat, cheese and taco sauce. Not too terrible and usually only 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup. And that's if I don't get full with less than that.

Well, I'm at work, so I'm going for now. Ciao till next time. Any advice, tips, etc on my sugar problem is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Sweets are what get me more than anything. It's that plain ol' sugar that does me in more so than grains. The only thing that REALLY works for me is to just quit...cold turkey. I resort to apples with peanut butter or strawberries to get me through the cravings until they subside. It's so hard which is why I haven't been able to do it too well. There are cleanses you can do to knock out the cravings but I've never been too good at those. Good luck!