Tuesday, June 12, 2012


WOW. I have been sliming for about 30 minutes now from 3 small bites (and good chewing) of pork fried rice/broccoli/chicken. They were about 1-2 tablespoons each per bite. And I chewed and chewed. This is the worst sliming ever. It hurts, and now I have hiccups. :( Not cool. It has been pooling into my mouth the whole time. This is terrible. I've been eating pretty bad these past 2 days, I think this is my cue to move on and get some good quality protein in. I think I will be doing some liquid protein tonight, this is awful.



  1. Yup, it happens to me with rice ever time.

  2. Chinese food...every time. I'm an idiot so I keep trying it but seriously not worth it.

  3. Funny part is, it was leftovers. The day before I had it fresh and it went down fine. Fickle fickle band. :P