Tuesday, May 08, 2012


It's Tuesday, I'm definitely ready for it to be Friday already. I'm feeling like I have a ton on  my mind lately. I have not been the best bandster I know I can be (and have been). Just like in Cat's post, I have been reaching for the sugary/chocolately snacks even when I have cheese sticks, sunflower seeds, strawberries, things of that nature in my bag at work. I don't know why, but I'm really only like this at work. Maybe, because I'm bored? Could be.

I didn't lose and I didn't gain this past week, not good and not bad. But I'm not happy about it, obviously. I've been trying NOT to compare my journey to other's journies, but it's super hard. I think it's almost been 6 months since surgery (May 22nd) and I've only lost 34 lbs. 6 months = 24 weeks, 34 lbs in 24 weeks is damn good. I need to realize this and stop with the negative thinking. But I could be doing better, I know this. I need to get my snacking under control. I think a fill is in the works for my appointment on the 24th. I wasn't going to request one, but I really haven't lost a lot these past 6 weeks and I'm still hungry 2 hours after meals. Sometimes less. :/

I semi got offered a full-time writing gig, but haven't heard back yet about the pay, etc. It's a small newspaper that I'm currently doing some freelance work for and their full-time reporter is leaving for ABC 27 (my friend, Sarah). I really would LOVE to get it, but the pay has to be right unfortunately, it would be a hefty drive (about 40 mins each way), and winter would probably suck, and I'm still planning on starting school in October. We'll see.

I've been working out like a beast, which is not unsual. Saturday the 5th was the Diamond Dash, Brian and I didn't win, but had fun anyways. We did win a Blu ray of J. Edgar as a raffle. :) But I don't run quite yet, and let's just say about halfway through it I pulled a minor groin muscle, yay! And I could barely walk the past 2 days. But I was very proud of myself for not giving up. My asthma was awful and felt soooooo out of shape, but this time last year, I was also about 50 lbs heavier.

Not much else going on, still waiting to hear back about our apartment and when we can start moving some stuff in. Hopefully within the next week or two would be nice. Cause I just realized the other night that the weekend before June 1st is Memorial Day weekend, so people won't be able to help move. So, preferably this weekend or next would be ideal to do the small stuff.

Ciao for now!

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