Monday, February 20, 2012


Wish I had something super positive to post, but not really. :/

At my weigh in this morning I had mysteriously gained about 3 lbs. Awesome. NOT. I exercised last week, missed 2 days for a new job and my allergy injections, but went Wed-Sat. I ate decent, nothing too crazy. I believe it may be from my TOM. Yay! My best friend, love it. I've been feeling pretty ragin' all week long. From work, to trying to stay on track with food/working out, with just my terrible moods I've been in lately. I hate stupid woman hormones sometimes. This week seems especially bad.

First article went well, turned it in Thursday evening, revised it per my editor's request and re-sent a paragraph on Friday evening. Should see something soon in the Perry County Times. :) I also get a free subscription for writing for them, yay!

Went to another Bridal Expo today in Hershey at the AACA. Craziness!!! It was so overwhelmingly huge and crowded. Brian and I got VIP tickets, which allowed about 250 brides/guests to a special area from 930-11 this morning before the crowds got there around 11. It was nice, had some delicious hor dourves, champagne (yummy!), and coffee/tea/hot cocoa. Also had some yummy mini cupcakes. They talked a bit about inspirations, fashions, decor, themes, food, etc. Then we met up with my mom, my SIL Lex, my bestie and MOH Mandy and her mommy Bert. :) Good times. Saw a pretty decent fashion show for gowns/maids/mothers from a boutique. Then we attempted the bathrooms, which was next to impossible to get to. That was the only disappointing part, wasn't well organized in the initial area. But once we got into the main stuff, it was good, still crowded, but good. Def. felt like there was TOO much going on, and I def. prolly missed some vendors. But I have seen prolly about half of them at other shows in the past few weeks, so that's okay. Got tons of free goodies (magazines, samples, perfume, candy, etc) I also won on Facebook a dozen gourmet cupcakes from a baker. :) Then in the VIP room, I one a $300 cupcake tower. Yay! Not sure when I'll hear about that, but I won it nonetheless. We then sat down in the lower level for about 2-3 hours for the bigger prizes. There was the infamous cake dive (whoever finds the engagement ring in the 8 ft. cake wins a $13,000 package for their wedding, pretty much everything is paid for, including a honeymoon). :( Would have LOVED to win that, but then they were giving away a Louis Vuitton bag with a freaking iPad 2 inside, did not win. Would have LOVED this as well. Purse for me, iPad for Brian. Oh well, we tried. :) Maybe next year...

Well, my official weigh in was 246, right back where I was 2 weeks ago. Let's just hope this is a TOM thing and it goes away when it's over. I really want to see 243 again and I also would LOVE to be in the 230's when I go for my second fill on March 1st. I can hope and try my best. :)



  1. Sounds like you are in serious wedding planning mode. Yay for that.
    It is my TOM too and I have a gain. So let's just say that is what it is.

  2. That sounds like an intense expo :o)

  3. It's like Extreme Wedding Planning! LOL. Try not to be discouraged by the gain...with TOM, I'm sure you're holding on to some water and it sounds like you're a little stressed. How exciting to have your first article published!