Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What a shit awful day. It only got worse this evening. Grrr. Stupid hormones and coming period. :/

Work was blah, boring and tedious and really hoping to hear from at least ONE of the two jobs I recently applied for, including the one within my company. I was so excited to go to zumba tonight and get a really good workout, well, that didn't exactly happen. First off, I had a bit of pain before I left around 4:30 in my lower right stomach area. It was more annoying than painful, but I felt it every time I moved, ugh! Weights went well, did about 20-25 mins total. Then zumba...ugh, first off, the regular instructor was not there, which sucks, then after we closed the class (can only have so many ppl), even put a damn trash can in front of the door and the closed sign, ppl still came in, pisses me off. Well, the one girl who came in about 15 mins in decided to go beside me, with not much space and she just so happens to be the girl who has no rhythym and moves the wrong way on every move, therefore, causing me to mess up my workout. Ugh, I was so mad. THEN I realized what the annoying pain was, it was gas. And still is...

Awful. I am so sick of getting major gas every day, it's craziness. Any other bandsters have this problem? I'm talking LOUD, boisterous gas. lol. It's TMI, but it's real.

Went to my first assignment for the newspaper on Monday. It was good, boring, but good. I'm about halfway done with the article and then I'll go through it over and over again, it's due Friday at noon. I should probably get back to that now.

One more thing, FOOD, junk food to be exact. It's something horrible going on with me this week. I'm still down, thank god, but I really have no self control this week and I feel horrible with myself. I'm talking cookies, candies and pop tarts. I need to get back to the self talk and yelling internally at myself and remembering WHY I did this and WHAT my goals are. I feel alone sometimes with this daily struggle.

Also, a girl at work, whom I unfortunately have to work very closely with pissed me off last week. Last Thursday was the day I got offered the newspaper job and was super excited about it. I'm pretty closed to everyone in my department (it's small, maybe 10 of us) and I usually tell them everything, with the exception of the guys sometimes. Well, I told this "girl" about the new part-time job and how exciting it was. I then proceeded to go to another girls cube and her and I are pretty close (outside of work too) and was telling her about it, etc. Then I walked by my supervisor's office to tell him about it. He is one of the coolest guys I've ever met, very laid back, understand and very welcoming. So I was super excited to tell him about it, as he knows I want to go back to school and write full time. Anyways, I went in his office, in which he pretty much told me to come in too. I closed the door and laughed, I knew. Well, apparently said "girl" told him "Megan got a new part time job, just thought you should know" AND then proceeded to say "And I know she will be working on her other work here". Um, hello!! Sooooo pissed, I was in his office for like an hour talking, cause then he showed me his drawing for a new tattoo. Pretty cool. He said "she" is in there EVERY single day bitching about people and whatnot. He said he is soooo sick of her already and he's only been there 3 months. I said "She's always like that, very negative and a tattle tale", she's 61. Yeah. So needless to say I've been pretty short with her all week and I def. want to confront her about it, but I knew I would lose my cool if I did it right away. So I emailed my supervisor and he wanted to get our director involved, so he knows how she's being lately with her attitude. So, we tried to get together today about it, no luck. My director is soooo busy, travels alot and is in meetings all day some days, he's out tmrw too. :/

Oh well. Stupid ass people. I'm just in a shit ass mood. End of story.

Back to my article.


  1. Sorry you've got the crappy coworker on top of everything else to deal with. Not sure how big your company is but mine is huge and it's almost impossible to fire someone for a bad attitude. My advice is to somewhat stay out of it. You never know who likes her and who doesn't. Also, I'd be tightlipped with her from now on. She obviously can't be trusted. Hang in there's almost Friday!