Tuesday, September 20, 2011

World Keeps Turning

It sure does.

Got back from our trip to Philly yesterday. It was fun. We did the zoo, Mutter Museum, Phillies game, Penn's Landing, ect. ect. Our hotel room (The Latham Hotel) was very nice, HUGE king bed, nice bay window, nice modern bathroom; it's still under construction, as they update it to be more accommodating (gym, restaurant, ect). And we had pretty perfect weather.

I have to say I did rather well with eating and not going overboard. I didn't snack, I tried to get fish/salads as much as I could and nothing fried. I didn't get as much water as I normally do and I could definitely tell, especially when we walked for about 6 hours on Sunday. Legs are still sore!

I think I actually lost a lb or two, which is good, since I was up about that much last week. I'm already freaking out about my pre-authorization for the surgery. They said they would submit it last week, but I can't find anything on Highmark's site and I haven't had the chance to call them yet, so I e-mailed customer service, so we'll see. I don't know if I can wait til October, it's gonna kill my nerves, but I also don't like wishing time away, life's too damn short.

Not much else going on, back to work tomorrow, booo! Really not looking forward to it, but it's one day closer to another weekend, yay!


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  1. Waiting is the worst.. I hope you hear something soon!!