Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last nutritionist appointment today = success, minus the almost 2 lb. gain. She advised they will submit to insurance today or tomorrow and will know in about a month. Yay! It's crunch time and the weighting game. :P

This weekend is our trip to Philly from Thursday to Monday. Can't wait! Zoo, mutter museum, food, lots of walking, sightseeing and resting. Sunday is Brian's 28th birthday and we're going to the Phillies game that evening (watch for us on ESPN @ 8). Packing is the worst part, always afraid I will forget something. And then leaving our chinchilla Bella at home alone for about 4 days. :/

Zumba rocked tonight, I really pushed myself, chest was tight, sweat everywhere!

Tomorrow I'm getting a manicure and some Phillies nail art for the game. Then planning on hitting Zumba from 8-9.


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  1. Have fun at the game!! I love getting mani/pedis. Great job on getting your Zumba workout in!