Sunday, September 25, 2011


- Age: 26
- Annoyance: Myself mostly, and rude people
- Animal: ALL of them. :) But mostly my 2 year old chinchilla Bella
- Actor: Johnny Depp

- Beer: Eh, Woodchuck Amber
- Birthday/Birthplace: Dec 18th, 1984 and Harrisburg, PA
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes, butt, hands 
- Been in Love: Yes
- Been bitched at: Yup and I do it right back
- Believe in yourself?: I try to, but it's really hard some days.
- Believe in God: No.
- Before weight: Still there, 276

- Car: I have a 98 VW Beetle, but I would like a Kia Soul, Kia Sportage or Mercury Milan
- Candy: is good, but evil.
- Color: Purple
- Cried in school: Yup
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese!!
- Cake or pie: Cake
- Country to visit: Back to Italy of course. And I would like to go to England, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, the list goes on and on.

- Day or Night: Night
- Danced: LOVE it! 
- Do the splits?: No thanks
- Eggs: Dippy :)
- Eyes: Mine are hazel

- First crush: Some kid in like 3rd grade
- First thoughts waking up: I don't wanna!
- Food: Chicken caesar salads, fish (all kinds), sushi, broccoli, cauliflower, ect.

- Greatest Fear: Failing the band
- Goals: Tons, but weight wise: to be happy with myself, be healthy and I see that being around 160
- Get along with your parents?: Yup
- Good luck charm: Life

- Hair Colour: Brown
- Height: 5'5
- Happy: For the most part, yes
- Holiday: All of them
- Health freak?: Trying to be
- Hate: I try not to hate, but I do dislike liars, cheaters, rude people, dis respectfulness and of course, my weight 

- Ice Cream: is a HUGE weakness of mine
- Instrument: I want to teach myself acoustic guitar

- Jewelry: love jewelry
- Job: Currently: secretary II at an insurance company

- Kids: None right now, but I would like 1 or 2
- Kickboxing or karate: I haven't tried either, but kickboxing sounds fun
- Keep a journal? Yup

- Longest Car Ride: Probably just PA to Ocean City, MD
- Love: is awesome
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
- Love at first sight: No

- Milk flavour: fat free
- Movie: I love so many movies, mainly comedies and horror
- Mooned anyone?: Yup
- Marriage: Hopefully soon
- Motion sickness? Yes :(
- McD’s or BK: Burger King icee's or McD's iced coffee

- Number of Siblings: 1 brother and 2 step sis'
- Number of Piercings: 3, used to be 4 last week. First holes in ears, right cartilage and right nostril, had my left side monroe, but it closed up last week
- Number: 10

- One wish: Just to love myself completely

- Place you’d like to live: Italy
- Perfect Pizza: Cheese with banana peppers, yummy!
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi

- Questionaires: Eh

- Reason to cry: None right now, maybe just out of my own selfish frustrations
- Reality T.V.: LOVE it: teen mom, jersey shore, kardashians, ect
- Roll your tongue in a circle? Not sure

- Song: WAY too many to list, mostly trance/dance/techno, pop, rock, alternative
- Shoe size: 10
- Salad Dressing: Balsamic, light italian, bleu cheese (i know!), ceasar
- Skipped school: Not really, i might have lied a few times and said I was sick when I wasn't, hehe
- Smoking: Never and no way
- Sing well?: Probably not
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Both

- Time for bed: Depends, week nights: 11 usually and weekends: whenever
- Thunderstorms: love them! but can be scary

- TV: love it

- Unpredictable: life

- Vegetable you hate: mushrooms
- Vegetable you love: broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts
- Vacation spot: italy, beach, ect.

- Weakness: ice cream, trance music, candy
- When you grow up: I guess I am already
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Probably Mandy
- Wanted to be a model?: Never

-X-Rays: a few

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: color

- Zoo: DC or Philly, only ones I've been too
- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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