Sunday, March 18, 2012

Semi weigh-in

Not going to do a real weigh-in because of being sick last weekend. However, I was 238 from being sick last week; Monday or Tuesday I was back up to 242 (where I was before) and this morning I was 239.6. Woo hoo! Did it all on my own, but that does not make it okay how I ate a few of those days.

But I am pretty pleased to be under 240 on my own. Seeing that is such a huge motivator. AND yesterday, I managed to snag a pair of size 18 capris and a size 18/20 really pretty dress at Ross. Yay! I wore it downtown last night, I felt very pretty, not slutty like most girls.

Anyways, out for some breakfast and then zumba. Later, maybe getting a coach purse. ;)



  1. mmmmmmmm handbags :oD Well done on the weight loss.

  2. Oooh love Co@ch!

    Also congrats on the weigh in! You can rock this girly