Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confession time.

I'm having an awful emotional day today. I let myself down, again.

I don't even know what to say, I'm just disgusted with myself. :( I could scream! I got semi-nauseous at zumba tonight, probably because I ate like a pig at work today. We had a food day and I had at least 1000 calories or more. I didn't have ALOT of anything, just too much bad stuff. I can't keep this up, I just can't. But honestly, what the hell is going through my mind when I'm grabbing this shit? I'm so frustrated, it's NOT okay.

Now I'm at home, feeling sorry for myself, still feeling a bit nauseous/sick to my stomach, but hungry at the same time. Ugh!! I did manage to burn about 600 calories at the gym, but I still feel very upset with myself. I need to lock and re-load.

I had more to say, but I'm just not feeling it right now.



  1. blah *hugs* to you. I've been there. A lot. and it's trite, but beating yourself up doesn't do any good, just makes you feel worse (which for me will just trigger more eating). Just suck it up, say "had a bad day" and do better next time. It's not ever going to be an instant miracle, there's good days and bad days, just strive for more good.

    holy wow.. just had a preachy comment, sorry bout that. Just feel better kay?

  2. We've all been there hon, you can get back on track no prob. Just keep in mind the reasons you got the band. Make a list of your reasons or just check out the left nav over there. You are worth it and can do it. *hearts*

  3. I'm sorry girl, I know how you're feeling exactly, I am the queen of self-loathing. We're addicts, and you can't forget that! It's not an excuse, but knowledge is power. Recognize it and start working towards getting well, baby steps!