Thursday, March 01, 2012


I don't know how else to describe how I'm feeling these past few days. On Saturday, my fiance (Brian) and I adopted a chihuahua from the humane society. We named him Beemo. He was such a good dog, about one year old and so affectionate. Unfortunately, my allergies flared up pretty badly on Tuesday. I broke out in itchy bumps on my arms/chest/neck/back and then my eyes started itching. Straight signs of an allergic reaction for me. It sucks. It was def. from his licking, he is a big time licker, that's his happiness.

 I'm on a great allergy medication and I take weekly injections for my allergies as well, for about 3 years now. I feel awful. Just down right  depressed. We signed him up for obedience classes, his first vet appointment and he just loved being around us. But, after a conversation with my mom and Brian, it was just the best thing to do for everyone involved to give him up. A good friend of ours at work (Jody) said she would adopt him. She has two dogs of her own, so we took him over last night to see how they got along. It was great, he started playing right away, loved running around the fenced in yard and seemed very comfortable already. She only lives like half a mile from us, so it's nice, as long as everything works out in the next few days, I'll be able to go over and visit with him.

I'm just so angry because any asshole(s) can adopt a dog or buy a dog, abuse it, throw it away and/or give it up with no second thoughts, but yet I really wanted this and now I can't have that experience anymore because of allergies. It's just very depressing. I feel like my body has failed me in so many ways. I just started to get really down on myself these past 2 days. I'm off work today because I didn't sleep well and I'm still pretty itchy today. Ugh. I was bawling all Tuesday night and all day yesterday on and off at work. I didn't make it to the gym last night because we were at Jody's house and then went to El Rodeo for some dinner. Where I proceeded to eat too much, grrr! But I'm still down to about 241-242. I have my 3 month follow up appointment today with Dr. Weiger and maybe I'll get my 2nd fill, not sure how that's decided. I'm still hungry between meals, esp. bfast/lunch and sometimes lunch/dinner. It's been better this past week, cause I've been so active, didn't really have time to snack, but now life is back to routine and I'm hungry.

Not much else going on, got my first article published in the Duncannon Record last week on the front page, yay!

Well, ciao for now!


  1. Is there a link to your article?
    People who use ets as disposable property makes me angier than just about anythine. You still did a great thing, Megan, you got him out of a kill shelter and found him a home.
    I foster for a rescue and it breaks my heart every time I give one up to their adopted parents. But it is worth it for them. So I push past the heartache.

  2. I'm so sorry! That really stinks!

  3. I want a Chihuahua so much. I feel for you not being able to keep him Megan. : ( I'm so glad you'll still be able to see him though, that's fantastic you were able to find a home so close.

    I'm so sorry you are depressed right now, I hope Dr. Weiger is able to help with the fill today. I know getting my band tighter has made a tremendous difference. Let us know how it goes.

  4. OMG - this happened to me too. A little yorkie and we had to give him was heartbreaking....I'm so sorry.


  6. i am so sorry... that had to of broken your heart a little. the BEST part here though is that through YOU, he found a great new home it sounds like.... maybe that is what truly was meant to be?!

    hugs xxx