Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a quickie update...

Had my follow up appointment with the surgeon almost 2 weeks ago, nothing is wrong with my band, just some bile reflux and I had some food above my band in the Upper GI series (some 10 hours later). Weird. He prescribed Protonix (generic) and Reglan (generic). I started both of those that following day.

All was well until the following Wednesday (last week) when my poor ears were swollen, red, itchy and bumpy. Awful! I had allergy injections that evening, so I said something to them and they shot me up with some cortisone, it game me some relief Fri/Sat, but that was about it. My rash was now gone on my ears (thank god!), BUT it was now down my back, on my neck/jaw and cheeks. Awful. I finally thought, maybe it's one of the new pills I started. So, I called the surgeon's office and spoke to the nurse, she then spoke with the on site surgeon and he advised it sounded like the Reglan reaction, so I've been off Reglan since Tuesday morning (it was 3x a day before meals). I still have some itchies every now and then, but it does generally seem to slowly be getting better and easier to deal with. I was also having crazy ass dreams and waking up between 2am-4am every single night since. And then taking forever to get back to sleep. I started taking a benadryl before bed this past week. So far, so good, still waking up though.

I'm starting a new work project tomorrow, I will be working at our other office in Mechanicsburg, rather than New Cumberland 3 days a week. It will be nice to do something different and challenging and learn something new. Plus it's super close to our apartment, a straight shot out the one road. Yay for that!

I haven't really lost much weight, kind of been bouncing between 197.8-200. Irritating, but I'm working on it. I did have a .3 taken out when I was having issues, but I got .2 put back in and it's definitely a huge difference. Still working on things, still getting stuck occasionally, which I hate and I really need to focus on my soft stop and stop eating when this happens. 

That's all for now, time to work on the bridal shower some more...

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