Sunday, March 03, 2013

Weigh In Day

Weight last week:198
Weight Today:198
Weight loss this Week: - 0
Weight Loss Total: 71.8 lbs.
No big deal. I know what I gotta do. Last week = too many sweets and not enough exercise. 
I've been having some stomach issues for the past 3 weeks. On and off. Making sure it's not my band. Dr. Rosenberger (surgeon I saw this past Friday) doesn't seem to think so, but we're doing an EGD on March 13th to check. And then a check up on March 22nd. Also, he put me on Protonix for right now. I haven't had time to fill it yet, but I will drop it off tomorrow at the gym. He also took a .3 unfill out. I already feel a ton better, no pb'ing and no indigestion since.

On another note, my car had some issues this past Wednesday and it proceeded to be my transmission went out. Craziness. Basically, my car is only worth about $1,700 in great shape, the dealer wants $4,400 for it and this VW guy MAY have one for roughly $1,500. Yeah, no thanks. 

So, I am now borrowing my dad's car (1992 Ford Taurus), ugh! But it's much better than having to rely on others and messing up my gym schedule. So, I am now independent again. BUT this really puts a damper on things right now. I now have to find another car. My mom works for Maguire's Ford, so she has their top salesman looking for me. I found about 12 on their site, so she's checking tomorrow to see what type of pricing (her discount) she can get for me. *sigh* Really didn't want a car payment right now, but oh well, shit happens.

Still planning our wedding and still planning on our 2 week honeymoon to Italy. :) Staying positive one day at a time.


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