Friday, March 22, 2013


I had my Upper GI yesterday. Went pretty well from what I could gather. I got to see a bit of the fluid go through my band, which was neat. The tech said it was functioning well from he could see, but ultimately, it would be up to the surgeon to make that decision. He did see some leftover food debris from when I ate cereal the night before, but not after midmight, it was around 10pm. Weird. But he said they could have my band tightened like that, but that seemed odd to me, we'll see. But he saw no obstructions, so that's good. Plus, I truly believe it's NOT my band, but I'm also not positive, I'm still quite nervous about it and was tearing up about it yesterday. I'm not ready to have anything happen, I'm not ready. I felt very compelled to just cry. I need to start making better food choices, protein first ALL the time, not drinking with meals, etc. I'm still losing, not necessarily every week, but losing nonetheless. I'm down to 197.8 as of last Sunday, hopefully a little more this Sunday.

Not much else going on, just planning for my bestie's bridal shower and still working on my own wedding as well. We have cake tasting next Saturday!! (aaaah! lol). Our candy buffet (favors) is under way. Working on getting some appointments set up for our mentoring (Catholic and I'm not), still working on my brooch bouquet, hoping to buy and send out save the date's in April, put our pic/info in the newspaper in April/May, hoping to meet up with the Legion's organizer in a month or so, give or take. A lot of stuff going on and picking up. :) Exciting, but nerve wracking as well.

I'm at work, so I'm going to hop off now. Ciao!

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