Thursday, August 16, 2012

TTT - My first one

Not a big fan of these types, but I'll try it. I'm at work and kind of bored, so here goes nothing:

1. I'm going on a day trip this weekend (either tomorrow or Sat) to Maryland. We are hitting up an Ihop (for my fiance - Cockeysville), then off to the Towson Town Center for some shopping and then right beside that is a Trader Joe's and I plan on stocking up on some good food (all my lap band buddies on FB, etc rave about it). :) Hopefully the weather holds off...

2. I'm more determined then ever to get this weight off, my eating has becomg something I don't recognize sometimes. I've gotten off track, not every single day, but enough that I'm getting discouraged with myself and my choices. I need to stop so much snacking. Onederland is so close I can taste it, yum!

3. I'm wearing a pair of size 20 jeans today, not super comfortable, but MUCH better than anything I've ever worn before. And I'm actually sitting in them at work (which I used to hate, because of the lovely rolls that like to hang out if the jeans fit weird). They are Levi's comfort waistband. LOVE them, they are a free hand me down from my bestie's fiance's mom. :) She's losing weight too, and is a bit ahead of me, so keeps passing me her clothes (some of which were never worn and with tags still on).

4. I'm going to be starting at the Y next week doing Child Care Watch on Wed or Thurs evenings from 5:30-8:30. For volunteering 3 hours each week, I get a free membership. Yay! Plus, I love kids. Just don't want any right now, till this weight is off and I'm married next October.

5. Only 2 more weeks of working our weird summer hours at work. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having off every Friday for 8 weeks, but man, the longer hours on Mon-Thurs are killing me. I'm so tired all day long, yawning constantly. Today is actually the best day so far. Oh well.

6. Yesterday was probably my best eating day in a while. I ate 1,336 total calories, breakfast was 365 (including vitamins), lunch was 250, dinner was 243 and my snacks were 478 (skinny cow candy bar, string cheese, beef stick, granola and half of a luigis ice). My exercise was zumba for an hour and I burned 461 calories. And I had 80 oz. of water. For a total net calorie count of 875. :D

7. I've been feeling down lately, not really sure why. I've also had a ton of anxiety lately too, even being on my pills, I get anxious sometimes. I notice it when I pick the skin on my feet/fingers. It's awful. But it's better than the attacks I used to get on a daily basis.

8. I got tickets to go see NKOTBSB play baseball at the Senator's Metro Bank Park field this Sunday. Going with my bestie, her mom and my mom. Tickets are only $10 and you get to see some hot men in tight pants up close and personal. And I'm hoping that maybe there will be some sort of meet n greet.

9. Something random for the week, I've been really into entering giveaways this week, haven't won anything yet (most haven't ended yet), but it's fun and addictive. I'm hoping I win some nail polish or something at least. :)

10. Last, but not least, I'm reading a new series of books by J.R. Ward called "The Black Dagger Brotherhood", their very good so far, I'm on Book 2. I recommend them to anyone that enjoys vampires and some romance.

Ciao for now!


  1. Don't say BSB to me. I'm totally jealous. I'm still a teenage girl about some Backstreet Boys. lol

  2. haha. me too! I can't wait! There's a HUGE music fest here at Hershey Park today and tmrw. BSB, NKOTB, 98 Degrees, etc. And then Sunday is the baseball game. :)