Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weigh In Day

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 226

Weight Today: 222.2

Weight loss this Week: -3.8 lbs

Weight Loss Total: 47.6 lbs

Yay! After I gained back 2 lbs., I lost it back plus some, woo hoo! I have another check up this week on Wednesday at 4:15 pm, so I hope I can maintain that weight until then. And I just realized I'm lower than what I was when I graduated high school; of which I weighed 231. *big smiles*

Not much else going on, on the 3rd week of my long hour days at work. I'm working Mon-Thurs from 7-5 and off every Friday until August 31st. AND my parents are taking us to the beach August 1st-5th, yay! Finally, haven't been there since 2004 or so. Can't wait!