Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weigh-In and other things.

Weight on Surgery Date: 269.8 lbs.

Weight last week: 236.8

Weight Today: 235

Weight loss this Week: 1.8 lbs

Weight Loss Total: 33.6 lbs
Yay! That makes me smile, although I'm sure it likely go up because of my awesome TOM coming in the next few days. Oh well, I'll keep trucking along.
I've been wanting to get on here and type up a HUGE post, but just never found the time or words, or both. 
Things have been crazy. I feel like life is passing me by, it goes soooooo fast. I booked the church, the reception site and the DJ for our wedding in October of 2013. I can't wait! I still can't believe we're getting married, doesn't quite seem real yet. But I'm sure time will fly before then. I'm trying to keep it pretty minimalistic, for the sake of saving for a honeymoon. :D
So, I totally forget if I ever blogged about our puppy we ended up getting in Jan/Feb. His name is Beemo. However, I had to give him away because of my allergies. :( I'm still pretty down about it, and the Humane Society was awful to deal with, they really were. I do not recommend them, but I do because of the poor animals there. :/ I miss him like crazy, we only had him like 4 days before I broke out in itchy bumps on my arms and my inner eyes were crazy itchy. But on a good note, a friend of ours from work was able to take him, she already has 2 other dogs and he LOVES them, so it worked out. But it still sucks and it really sucks for Brian because he doesn't have allergies to dogs. :( I suck, I feel like my body fails me in the oddest ways. I've been getting allergy injections for 2 years now and I've always been on allergy meds (I'm on Xyzal right now and LOVE it). BUT, Beemo is a licker, he will lick people to death, that's his way of showing affection, so it just didn't pan out right now. Really bums me out every now and then, cause I fell in love with him instantly. But our friend only lives like 1/2 a mile away, so we see and hear about him often. :) We were able to take him all day on Easter, so my family and Brian's family could meet him and everyone loved him. 
Working out is going good. I am still going to Zumba about 5-6 days a week. And I try to do strength training on 2-3 of those day as well. I am definitely gaining definition in my arms (just not the bat wing area). I've lost 6 inches on my hips, about 10 on my waist and about the same on my boobs and underneath, I am down to a 37. Weirdness. My mom just bought me bras from Kohl's a little over a month ago when I was probably 245ish. I am still wearing those and their 42D's. I was a 44DD. But now the 42D's are getting big. It's craziness!! And I'm pretty sure I could have went even lower at Kohl's, but was playing it safe, cause I'm picky about bras. My bestie's future MIL works with my mom and knows about my surgery (I tell everyone, lol). She is losing weight as well and is now in 14's and gave  me her 18/20 stuff. I ended up taking everything, whatever doesn't fit now, I figured it will in about 15-20 lbs. I'm able to wear all the shirts, but the pants are still a bit tight, I can never seem to get my upper thighs/tummy to lose as fast as everywhere else. Very frustrating. 
Still doing some freelance writing, just got my 2nd paycheck. And submitted another article on Friday. I love it. I finalized and got accepted into Central Penn College for this fall for the Corporate Communications bachelor's degree program. But then I started having 2nd thoughts this past week. I just don't know if it's worth it. I think my wants for our future and his too, are WAY bigger than a writing degree. Let's all face it, it's not the best field, esp. print right now. It's ALL about the internet, blogging, social media. I would love to maybe get into PR or some sort of social media field. I just hope I don't keep getting these awful feelings, cause otherwise, I have NO clue what I want to do, that's a guaranteed job that I could transfer my credits from my AA degree. UGH! 
Went to my friend Tyff's baby shower yesterday, she ended up going about 5 weeks early and had baby Mazee on April 11th. She's a tiny little girl at 16 inches, 5 lbs. 3 oz. But she's adorable, she just has to be in the NICU for a while to get her eating coordination down. My friend is pretty upset and emotional, I couldn't even imagine. So, please keep my friend and her family in your thoughts, prayers, whatever. Thanks!
Not much else going on. I got my 3rd fill on Thursday with Dr. Weiger. It was a good trip. I now have 5 cc's in a 10 cc band. Feeling pretty good. It def. feels like this might be a good area, maybe not where I need to be, but it feels good so far. I don't feel as hungry as I usually do in between meals. We'll see how this work week goes, that's usually where I struggle with snacking. :/ I just want to be in the 220's now that I'm stuck in the 230's, not stuck per se, but going through them. I cannot WAIT to hit 199. It will be a cause for celebration, FOR SURE. Hell, I may even throw myself a damn party. lol. 
Well, that's all for now. Off to relax, eat some dinner, watch "The Killing" and "Mad Men". Read a bit, then back at the daily grind tomorrow. Ciao!

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  1. Newsie update! Love it. Still sad for you over the puppy. Glad you get to see him regularly though. Congrats on the loss, keep up the good work with exercise etc!